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  1. I would love to be able to consume some 8k content. Knowing that LTT record and archive nearly all of their footage in 8k has gotten me intrigued. Would it be possible to setup torrents (or another large file sharing platform) to share these crazy high bitrate videos? I know that the team at LMG don't want their bandwidth being chewed up by unnecessary uploading, but some videos such as "we've come a long way" would be brilliant in 8k. Would it be possible for the team to share these files to the public for sharing?
  2. Epic Games uses AWS to host Fortnite BR. You can use CloudPing to quickly ping all of their public IP address at once. If you otherwise just want to test basic latency, best to run a classic DNS ping (ping / ping
  3. Hyped to see the Ubiquiti WiFi upgrade, looks badass & classic Linus overkill.
  4. Just a simple off the shelf nas, and a decent size SSD/HDD will do you fine. Setup one at both of your houses, and setup your mates as a nightly backup (due to bandwidth) Synology has an excellent setup process, and Linus has made a great video on this.
  5. Along with the recent Hidden Computer setup, I think it would be cool to have a raspberry pi (or another single board/cheap pc) as a second pc for browsing and chatting. Hear me out: It's often that I have to reboot my pc, or it's doing such an intensive workload that it just can't have background tasks like music, and discord in the background. So, having a setup where these semi-light tasks are done through an actual separate pc, to enable you to either gain those extra frames in a game, or just let people with dual boot setups not have to wait ages to talk to their friends again, if windo
  6. Is it possible there is a problem with the flow in your loop? Possibly a slow/broken pump, or a clog that is restricting flow? Check your flow, doubt that's it, but It won't hurt...
  7. Slick build. Can't see any obvious flaws or issue. Enjoy
  8. The difference wouldn't be noticeable. As long as there is good airflow, and your not pushing the CPU, the stock cooler with stock thermal paste will do you fine.
  9. I'm always a fan of LTT networking/server videos, but I doubt Linus has any plans to be traveling right now, let alone plan a NAS build.
  10. This isn't always an option, but I've run many minecnaft test servers off a headless raspberry pi. And with the RP4 4gb, you could run a decent mc server for you and your mates. I quite like this approach as I don't have space for an ugly space heater.