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  1. CPU and GPU temps mostly and what softaware is good for controlling fan speeds? I have Asus z490-f gaming MOBO
  2. Just built my new pc and wondered what good monitoring software there is and a software to controll fan speeds etc. Thanks!
  3. But will it be enough with a 750w PSU for my build? I'm not planning on upgrading it for a while.
  4. Hey! I'm just wondering if i should buy an 850w PSU or if i just need a 750w. GPU: MSI Ventus RTX 3070 3X OC CPU: Intel i7 10700K MOBO: Asus z490-f AIO: corsair h150i xt pro RAM: 16 GB vengence 3200 Mhz
  5. Is there any big difference beetween the MSI Ventus 3X OC and MSI 3070 Suprim X? Not sure which one to buy. Thanks!
  6. Anyone know the difference between the MSI RTX 3070 SUPRIM and the X version?
  7. hmm okey, but what if i use it as an intake fan? i know it probably dosent have a dust filter in the back.
  8. yeah but wont that just mean that there is more hot air being pulled out, or am i wrong?
  9. Not sure. But should I put the AIO on the top of the case then? And should i use the one fan in the rear as a intake or outtake? I apolagize for asking many questions
  10. Is the MSI ventus 3070 3x a blowout fan?
  11. So as the title says I'm wondering if there's a big different in front or top mounted AIO? by that I mean in temperature difference. I bought the Cooler Master td500 mesh and it comes with 3 intake fans in the front and I bought a Corsair H150i(360mm AIO). I'm also buying a MSI ventus 3070 3x OC. And I bought an extra fan to put in the back for intake or outtake. So should I mount the AIO in the front or in the top for best cooling, or what would u guys do?