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  1. So i was trying to open some games in my hard drive but it didn't open so i restart the pc and did open crystaldiskinfo and i got this. I don't know what this mean and is this bad? If yes what can i do to fix it? Thanks in advance
  2. i already did that and didnt solve the problem
  3. So i have an i5-7300hq that runs very hot (90ºC) and i would like to undervolt it, but i don´t even know if is possible to do so and what tools do i have to use. specs: i5-7300hq 16 gb ram motherboard: clevo N85_N87HJHJ1HK1 gtx 1050-ti (mobile)
  4. what do you recommend to find accurate information?
  5. i was a little bit worried about the results and my is running not slow but under my expectations and i discover that my problem is my cpu is a little bit bad and is hitting 84ºC in sometimes.
  6. So i run a few test to know if everything was alright with my pc but Userbenchmark said that my M.2 was preforming below average So i run CrystalDiskmark to get more information but i can understand if the results are good or bad Can anyone help me please?