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  1. (Sorry for not being active) The graph and activity spikes up and my activity goes to 100% with the read and write speed dropping to 0. Also, may I ask what programs?
  2. My ssd keeps spiking up to 100% for like, 2 minutes average and it happens sporadically. I've tried resetting windows deleting all my files and disabling things in Windows services according to the internet. I'm almost confident my ram or ssd just went bad, but I wanted confirmation before I ordered crap. A little help?
  3. Oh, well thanks for your time and sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. So I guess GeForce is just being buggy? There's a low chance that my drivers are the issue since I used ddu on all my previous drivers and then installed the latest nvidia drivers.
  5. So I own a gt 610 (yea, i know it's no rtx 3080) but its not showing up in most, if not, any if my apps. I'm trying to use Geforce experience but can't since it says I don't meet the requirements even though I do. I also can't record using NVENC in obs since it doesn't give me the option. It also doesn't pop up in task manager unless I click "performance". However, I can see it in device manager. Help!
  6. Alright, thanks for the reply
  7. Hey, so I'm wondering if you can reuse thermal paste. I'm not talking about the thermal paste already applied on the cpu, but the leftover thermal paste in the syringe. Thanks!
  8. Alright, I know all I need to know for now . I hope this post was helpful to someone else.
  9. Ooh alright, that makes sense. So is there even a point of having a capture card if you already need/have a recording software (using just 1 pc)
  10. Thanks for asking but nope. I only needed to know if capture cards were better performance wise, and I needed an answer but there was none online so I asked here.
  11. Ooohh ok I understand now, so there is virtually no difference between a recording software and a capture card when only 1 pc is involved (basically)
  12. Alright thanks for the reply. And yes I was trying to game and record from 1 pc, sorry if this was a dumb question, I'm new to recording and stuff so
  13. Alright so this question is gonna be kind of short. Does a game capture card degrade performance like a recording software? If so, is there a difference?
  14. If your talking to me, I prefer listening to classical (shut up) music maybe during homework and gaming. But I would also like bass for games during big explosions and especially in Subnautica