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    TheLastMcLaren got a reaction from Asad Javeed in What storage to choose?   
    I feel you lol, the VAT in Denmark is crazy high. it basically means all our products costs 25% more than the US. (Value Added Tax) since US doesnt have VAT its cheaper there (for the most part)

    Well i would probably say 2tb would be good. If you dont edit videos at 4K then i dont think you would have a problem with 2. You can always upgrade
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    TheLastMcLaren got a reaction from Slayerking92 in Best way to control 6 LL120 in icue without commander pro???   
    So i recently got help from a discord server, and i was wondering what the best and most efficient way is to control all 6 LL120 fans.
    So im buying the corsair 465X which comes with a normal fan hub (not commander pro) and 3 LL120 fans.

    Im planning to buy the h150i and 3 additional LL120 fans. Im gonna install 3 LL120 fans on the H150i.
    But connecting power to motherboard, then i wont be able to control the fan lighting in icue... right?

    So if i get 3 splitter Y-Cables, then i can connect all power cables from LL fans to the aio like that, and then their RGB connectors to the fan hub. Will that make it work so i can control all fans in iCue or is there a more efficient way? (Commander pro is obviously great but its kinda pricy)
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    TheLastMcLaren got a reaction from Asad Javeed in What storage to choose?   
    so basically i would recommend MP510 1tb. at this time nvme prices and storage in general have SKYROCKETED. if i was you then i would wait untill all this virus is gone. the mp510 goes for around almost 200 dollars at the moment. usually its 120 usd so yeah. but depends on your budget