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  1. well yeah the lighting node pro comes with LL120 3 pack so ill just be using that
  2. wait so what would that mean? i could still control them via icue with the way i explained it first right?
  3. So i recently got help from a discord server, and i was wondering what the best and most efficient way is to control all 6 LL120 fans. So im buying the corsair 465X which comes with a normal fan hub (not commander pro) and 3 LL120 fans. Im planning to buy the h150i and 3 additional LL120 fans. Im gonna install 3 LL120 fans on the H150i. But connecting power to motherboard, then i wont be able to control the fan lighting in icue... right? So if i get 3 splitter Y-Cables, then i can connect all power cables from LL fans to the aio like that, and then their RGB c
  4. I feel you lol, the VAT in Denmark is crazy high. it basically means all our products costs 25% more than the US. (Value Added Tax) since US doesnt have VAT its cheaper there (for the most part) Well i would probably say 2tb would be good. If you dont edit videos at 4K then i dont think you would have a problem with 2. You can always upgrade
  5. so basically i would recommend MP510 1tb. at this time nvme prices and storage in general have SKYROCKETED. if i was you then i would wait untill all this virus is gone. the mp510 goes for around almost 200 dollars at the moment. usually its 120 usd so yeah. but depends on your budget
  6. right. im choosing the corsair 465x case, even tho it has front glass panels it has great airflow coming in from the sides. im sticking to it's stock LL120 fans.
  7. Hello, so i wasnt sure what category this was supposed to be, but since my question was generally the aio, i figured this was fine. ANYHOW So i have been looking at aio coolers for my 3900x and i know yes.... aios aint the most efficient thing blah blah blah. I dont like the idea of a huge block stuck on my motherboard protentially also blocking the ram. i also wanted rgb exhaust so i figured the h100i is good.. But will it cool the 3900x? im planning to render 1080p, 1440p or even 4k videos. Also streaming 1080p on the higher games and also just gaming at 4k or 1440p