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  1. cpu temps according to a similar reddit thread i have running say are VERY bad 94.50C with a prime95 stress test of 15ish min. and yes i have a clean driver install
  2. no overclocks on CPU, and i don't think xmp is on. how would i check if it was? bios?
  3. ok as the title says my desktop PC is crashing. I have two monitors the 1st on the right and 2nd on the left. both are plugged into the GPU. the 2nd monitor is connected via a display port to hdmi cable, and it turning green when the PC crashes. the 1st is connected to the GPU with a normal hdmi cable and the screen turns black. all my audio devices stop working as well and they all are pugged directly into the mother board. when i re start my computer it runs perfectly fine until out of nowhere in game or not it crashes. some times it crashes many times in a row. I have tryed re seating all o
  4. sounds great. the PSU is 500w i think. and i was thinking a 300 or 400 USD budget
  5. Hello i dont know what GPU i should upgrade my Rx570 to. its the Gigabyte 4Gig card. i am looking to do 1080P gaming at as high a frame rate as possible(preferably at a steady 75fps or higher) on high graphics i also plan to do some light streaming and video / music work. my system specs at the moment are as follows AMD 2600x Asrock B450M-HDV 16G of 3600 team-force ram 250G Kingston ssd 1tb hdd from sea-gate 7200rpm (i think) rx570 80+ EVGA psu