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  1. I want to get a hot swapable keyboard so I can put clicky switches into it or get a keyboard that has the clicky switches. I like clicky switches for the feedback they give and the sound and typing experience, so I wanted to know what’s a good clicky switch that I should look for in a keyboard and what is a good keyboard that would have/take those switches
  2. Ok, so I’m playing some games and I see a spider on the outside of my pc, it then wonders over to the graphics card and just climbs in. So I currently have a spider inside my graphics card and was wondering if it’s gonna do any damage or harm to the pc or graphics card
  3. Sorry for the late reply. But that doesn’t seem to work and even after I uninstall the software it still opens up when I turn the pc on
  4. I have recently received my thermaltake toughRAM, I plugged it into the ram slots and the rgb was fine, however once I downloaded the software it started to flicker really fast and I can’t change the rgb. I have no clue what’s going on can someone please help?
  5. I’m thinking on getting the ducky one 2 mini pure white, I was thinking on getting it with cherry mx reds but heard they aren’t the best. The keyboard also comes with Kailh box whites, speed copper and speed pro burgundy. So my question is are Kailh switches good and if so what one should I go with out of the 3 or should I stick to cherry mx
  6. I can pay a bit more if there is any other mice you know of but if not I'll go with the model o
  7. Thanks, I think I'm going to get the model o, the d isn't in stock from my retailer, thanks
  8. $100-$115 aud or a bit more with some budget stretching Honestly I'll spend more if the mouse is good enough
  9. What glorious mouse is the best, I heard the model o is the best one and was looking at getting that one
  10. I'm looking for a new gaming mouse.i play fps games like apex, cod, valorant and siege. I currently use a Logitech g502 and the right click isn't working and is unresponsive sometimes. What is a good gaming mouse that fits a medium size hand? Btw I do like the look and feel of the final mouse air 58 (my friend had one and I tried it) and I looked for mice the same and found the glorious mice range, are they any good? Another thing is I don't care if it's a mainstream brand or a not so known brand, just want a good gaming mouse for fps games like cod, apex and seige and can last a lo
  11. I'm new to pcs. I'm currently using my home wifi wirelessly to my PC and its garbage, lots of lag and high ping. I have heard about gaming routers and thought about trying one. Do I get a gaming router or by a router that connects to the main wifi and just stretches the signal length or neither. One thing I forgot to mention is that the main wifi moderm is far away from the pc
  12. I use the razer huntsman elite and im looking to get the cosair k70 mk2 and can't decide what switches I want. I was thinking of browns but let me know what you think
  13. So, I currently have 16 gigs of ram, 2 8 sticks and I saw the thermaltake toughRAM ram and was thinking of getting it. But they only have 16 gigs in 2 sticks and I want 32 gigs.and was wondering if I get 4, 16 gig sticks. Please tell me if 32 is to much and I should just stick with 16 and if the thermaltake roughRAM is any good. Btw I use amd ryzen