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  1. I have a PC running Windows 10 Pro and a mac at home, and would like to know what are some good software to remotely connect to my PC from my mac to manage it? They're all on the same LAN. What is reliable and secure?
  2. I can't because then the wire will show. I have my monitor wall mounted and connected to the outlet directly behind it.
  3. but what if you're let's say in the middle of a game and your monitor loses power. Will pressing the power button make Windows close all apps, and force quitting apps that won't close in order to shutdown properly? That's my main concern. Since my monitor has no power, I won't be able to see anything.
  4. I have ordered a UPS for my computer, it's a Cyber Power unit. I will be connecting my PC, powered USB Hub, and my portable external usb hdd to it. However, my monitor is mounted on the wall and it's plugged into an outlet directly behind where it's mounted so that the wire is neatly hidden. So in case of a power outage, my monitor would be off while my PC and everything connected to the UPS will be powered. Is there a way to perform a proper shutdown of Windows with the monitor display being off? I have an ASUS ROG Maximus Hero XII Z490 Motherboard if that helps. I heard from som
  5. It's annoying that the only thing that is still lit up on my setup are my RGB RAM sticks when my computer is asleep or shutdown. It would make more sense that when you put your computer to sleep or shut it down that it would also turn off the RGB lighting on the memory as well. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB RAM.
  6. I wish I knew that before I threw my old unit out. Sigh. Roughly how much would a battery cost if not bought directly from the manufacturer?
  7. Cyberpower are the one's I've used. My 1st model was the one you mentioned, CP1500PFCLCD, I think it lasted me about a little over 3 years before it died out on me. I was going to replace the battery but for the price of that it would've been much better just to buy a new unit. My 2nd one is the CP1350AVRLCD. But do these units typically die out that fast? I was hoping that they last longer than that. What's the difference between the PFC and AVR models? The CP1500 can handle a max of 900watts which I think is sufficient for my setup.
  8. I just build a new computer and would like to get one of those units where you plug your computer and other devices into so that if the power goes out, your devices won't just shut off. I was thinking of getting the Cyberpower units, but not sure how many watts I need? I plan on plugging my computer and TV, print and speakers. My computer has an 850 Watt PSU with i9-10900K and soon to be 3080ti card. With that in mind, which model do you think would work well with my setup?
  9. Surprisingly it runs very nicely. Not hot like what others have said online. Extremely happy with my setup.
  10. I figured it out. I had to turn off fast boot in Windows 10 and it fixed it. Somehow Windows was booting up way too fast and it didn't give enough time for my USB hub to initialize.
  11. I am on the ASUS website for my motherboard, and I am not sure exactly what I need to download and install. I already installed the most obvious ones like the LAN drivers, wifi drivers, Intel Rapid Storage, Intel Chipset Software Utility, Intel Chipset Drivers, Bluetooth Driver. However I'm unsure about the following and wonder if they are required. Under device manager, I still have exclamation marks for 2 items. I heard that the Intel MEI will take care of the PCI Simple Communications Controller, but what about the Unknown USB Device? Armoury Crate Intel_MEI_V1952.14.0.1470_WI