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    Ryzen 7 3700X
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    MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk
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    Trident Z RGB C16 @ 3000 MHz
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    RTX 3080 Founders
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    NZXT H510
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    WD Blue SN550 1tb
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    be quiet! Straight Power 11 850W
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    Windows 10
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  1. That happens regardless of GPU though, it only loads photogrammetry data and some other higher-res imagery when you are close
  2. Yeah idk how that happened. At 1440p it uses 6 GBs of VRAM (or less) for me and usually allocates like 7 or lower. So not even close to 10 GBs. This sim has too many variables to properly compare though, so it's hard to reach a conclusion without perfectly replicating the scenario, which is near impossible without a benchmark mode
  3. Wait on that image the 3080 test is on the right. I actually think the 3080 test looks better, the small houses actually look small, while on the AMD side it looks like the buildings are being "combined". This could just be an issue with the autogen though
  4. This happens at 1440p too, no VRAM limitation there.
  5. That could also be due to the lower altitude. The sim sometimes drastically changes the form of buildings as you get closer to them, I've had things like that happen
  6. Still looks very similar tbh, especially considering that the aircraft for the 6800 XT test is lower in altitude compared to that of the 6800 XT
  7. At 1080p and 1440p yes, 4K the 3080 is faster usually. Overall they basically match each other. I'd get the AMD GPU if you don't care about RT, otherwise get the 3080.
  8. Yeah. The two look so similar that when using the sim, you won't notice. I didn't even notice the difference at first, but you are right there is a slight difference. Honestly for this sim, grab the best GPU that would allow you to have enough budget buy the best CPU possible (in terms of SC performance)
  9. Terrain Detail, Buildings, etc. Those are CPU heavy in my own testing, if I turn those down (especially terrain detail), the "Limited by MainThread" message appears less frequently. VRAM usage doesn't change either. The CPU part of it could just be a coincidence though,. That's the weird thing with this sim. It doesn't really care what GPU you use (after a certain point), it's super CPU bound at almost all resolutions and it's super inconsistent. The RX580 I used to run ran the sim at 1440p high settings at a solid 25 fps (quite a good result for a fligh
  10. Honestly I feel like there is no reason to buy an H1 in almost any situation right now. Meshlicious – ssupd This case (which is also vertical) is better in almost every way, and will be released very soon. The hardware compatibility is much better, the price is better (although you do have to buy a cooler and PSU separately) and the thermals are better If you do have an H1 though, I'd probably go for the PCIe 4.0 riser made by Louqe. It's pricy, but looks quite good and is PCIe 4.0
  11. I know. What I mean is that the scenery that is autogen is always less dense. I just took a look at it again, you might be right. Unless he's using Approach Mode on both aircraft and that it did the same thing both times. What the guy with the 7700K may have done is changed a few of the terrain/building settings, since that does affect the CPU heavily
  12. That's the CPU the issue. The guy with a 2080 Ti has a 7700K. And yes, CPU bottlenecks in this sim exist at 4K, my 3700X limits the 3080 ~70% of the time. The scenery being much more detailed is because the 6800 XT video takes place in a photogrammetry area that was very recently updated, most of the world is actually autogen, which is much less dense usually. The poles thing is weird, since for me the taxi lights/runway lights always appear as poles. The hard part about this sim is that the CPU causes most of the issues with "smoothness" and pop-in, so i
  13. Oh that was only in one situation with very little going on. It usually sits at around 7.5 to 8
  14. This actually part of the sim's LOD, this happens regardless of VRAM. The sim has very aggressive LOD, like most flight sims in the past. Loading objects hammers the CPU quite hard The 2080 Ti has 11GBs
  15. You are right about the nothing needing to load up. Due to the sim’s “play style” it only loads a tiny bit of new data each frame usually, each frame usually looks quite similar to the one before it