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  1. Do i need all 16GB for minecraft or just overall 16gb to give minecraft a big chunk of it?
  2. Hello there. I have an unraid server that is basically purely used to run plex and dumb storage. For that it works fine just fine since that doesn't require anything fancy. My specs: Ryzen 3 2200G Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H AMD A320 8GB G.Skill Value DDR4-2133 CL15 Single-slot bunch of wd reds 8tb Samsung 1TB ssd cache I tried to run a minecraft server for me and my friends. We were 3 but max would be around 5. As long we did move as a group the server held up quite good. But as we moved separately the server lagged and finally crashed. I
  3. I was thinking way to complicated. A vpn connection is secure and ez to setup... Sometimes you don't think of the easiest ways^^ Thank you for reminding me of that solution
  4. I have an unraid server and several dockers with webuis that I ideally want to access from outside my home network. The obvious and easy way to do that is to simply port-farward the required ports and done. But I don't like the idea of anyone accessing my server just because he has my ip address (100% there are ppl randomly trying ip adresses...). Some webuis have a password function but not all (the unraid webui itself has none?). What I'am locking for is some way to catch all requests that are targeting my severs ip address and redirecting them to something like a log in window before the ac
  5. I have the same problem. My monitor is a AOC AG322QCX (NVIDIA Control Panel says AG322QWG4) 31,5inch. Since Digidream did not write anything about his/hers setup here is mine. The problem: After not using the monitor for about 12h the glitch appears. How it disappears: Sometimes just waiting helps but generally having something moving does the trick. Minimizing and maximizing a window works the best. Other wise I found that switching to 120hz (or 144 if I had 120) helps as well. Most of the time I can switch instantly back to 144hz and the glitch does no
  6. That helps. Since iam going for looks as well i would spend the extra money. Looks like its better to wait for the actual release.
  7. I want to build a new rig for the upcoming RTX 3000 series. Too bad while i can build a pc I have no deep knowledge bout pc components. The PC will mainly be used for gaming with minor or gpu heavy tasks. The big question for me is, should i build the PC before or after the new RTX release (and buy the gpu when it releases)? On the one hand the prices may drop to boost the sales they also can go up to get the more profit. There my lack of deep knowledge rly pains. Wich is the better way to go? What do i want to spend: I have 2000€ - 2500€ (2250U$US - 2800$US) in mind.
  8. You will not find a longer cable. The reason is fairly easy. There is a maximum length for a cable while remaining its full speed and for a normal usb cable that is less than 3 meters. Thats the reason why it took them the time to develop that cable since its not a standard copper cable. You can use longer cables as long as its an active usb cable. But than you need to power that cable. The power cable obviously than need to be as long as your usb cable wich means you probably need an extension for that as well. With that setup you will have 2 cables on your quest but will save maybe 20-30€ (q