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  1. if you have data backed up, why not go for a full reinstall. Format your new M.2 and be hassle free.
  2. Well as long as Exynos cpu's exist I wont buy a samsung anymore. My S9's battery life is awful 3 and a half hours of screen on time. I am not a power user or anything. Just normal browsing and stuff like that . Oh and selling different phones under the same name is just bad.
  3. That was my thought as well. QHD 144hz Samsung panel if I am not mistaken and for 300 euros. But sadly you can't buy them anymore, they sold out.
  4. In my country there is no ALDI, but my aunt lives in Switzerland, she has found one in Media Markt for sale. I want to know if its a good monitor worth my money
  5. So I am looking to buy a decent monitor and came across Medion Erazer X53275. Supposedly it has QHD Display, 144hz refresh rate. Basically ticks all my boxes and its 310 euros or $370. Does anyone have a Medion monitor or know anthing about them. Can't seem to find much reviews of them. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. If you want to future proof your PC then save up that money and get what you want. If it's not lagging or overheating then don't change it yet. Try selling your old pc and get new components or slightly used and build a machine that will serve you well in coming years. I was using a 6600k that was overheating constantly because of dried out under die thermal compound. Put it in the ad, lost some money and upgraded to a 9600k.
  7. Well generally if you are gonna do overclocking don't do it on a stock cooler. Personally I like my rig to be nice and cool. Consider upgrading to like a noctua that you can use for other builds if you ever do one.
  8. About idle temps, check if your cpu is getting used, might be a virus farming your cpu usage. If that is not the case remove the cooler check or change thermal paste. I would do a clean install of windows because of viruses. And I think reinstall will fix all your problems, be careful where you download your torrents from.
  9. Well its so simple, I used a sim removal tool to remove the pins and rearrange them. 2 12v pins and 2 ground and that is it. Nothing special.
  10. What I did, but do it on your own responsibility, was I modified a 6 pin pci-e power to 4 pin cpu power 2 and It works no problems. Its not that hard only thing is you need to take your time and not f up the pin out.
  11. So new update. Spent like the whole day changing out the parts and testing. First I tested my HyperX Fury single stick ram on my friends build worked totally fine in games. (Z170 pro gaming, 6600k, gtx 1070) Then I tested my GPU on his pc and still everything was okay. Then i put his g skill ram 2x8 gb 2800mhz in my pc. Still framestuttering and the usual huge frame drops. Then I put his GTX 1070 and still the same thing even with his ram. Changed out the power supply for his evga 650 gold and same thing, tried another psu, again same. I take his ssd and hdd and plug it
  12. Did that already, downclocked it, put the fans on 100% in case something is overheating and still same thing
  13. Set the fans so that your cpu is cool but the sound isnt too much for you, experiment for yourself, just keep eye on the temps while its being stressed like in games.
  14. Download the amd utility and set the fan there, If you cant do it there open it up in bios and set it there.