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  1. I have been noticing from the LG Mobile sponsored video that people are generally more negative towards the sponsored videos whether they fit into the potential buyer segment or not. Linus has been a bit biased towards LG from those ultrawide monitor days and if I am not wrong LG had the most sponsored videos on LTT. I have never been offended by it or have never seen them hiding facts in the sponsored videos. Today's Chevy Volt video is awesome but due to the negativity surrounding the issue with Tesla and some people blindly thinking that this is a Chevy ad are reacting super negatively towa
  2. Thank you How have the times changed. My potato from 2014 used to do everything it said, boost to 3.6 or go all core 3.6 based on the BIOS. Now even if it looks like I have set the ratio and it is saved the CPU just wont listen.
  3. @TofuHaroto @Mateyyy First post. Got it will use the mentions going forward.
  4. Hey @Mateyyy, Agreed but that's the only thing in my budget and I'll look into the other options you mentioned. Thanks @TofuHaroto, I felt the thermal throttling might be an issue but the CPU is usually below 50 and hits 70s in games. Only Prime95 took it close to 100s. It works fine and I don't want to mess with the BCLK anyways so I will look for the MCE orelse I will leave it be.
  5. Hi TofuHaroto, Thanks for the reply. But there is no option in the BIOS. Also not a single core is hitting 4.6GHz, is this normal? my old 4570 used to atleast hit 3.6 on a single core even in regular workloads. This thing isn't even looking to go beyond 4.4Ghz.
  6. Before you go nuclear on me for not using a Z series motherboard, hear me out. I got the kf for A$315 and all the Z series motherboards are expensive than the processor. I am not much of an overclocker and went with an m-atx motherboard that fits my requirements MSI MAG b365m mortar. I upgraded from an i5-4570 and an MSI B85M-E65. If I wanted to gain any additional performance on the 4570 I used to set the multiplier to its max boost of 36 and all cores would boost to 36. I looked at the manual for B365M and it had a similar setting and more over this is an