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  1. Inside of the NVIDIA Control Panel I turned off Vertical sync and unchecked "Enable G-SYNC". This seemed to help in less strenuous scenarios like when I created a new world. I was getting 200-500 FPS. I guess in my scenario with my world it didn't help much because I was barely even seeing 143 FPS. It's weird, because I don't really have that much comparability speaking. Perhaps that's just how it is. I'm going to try giving Minecraft more RAM. I have 32 GB total, so will do 16 like suggested.
  2. I play mostly SinglePlayer. I can try allocating more RAM (have to google how lol) and editing my JVM-Arguments as well. For now, I wanted to show this image. Newly created world and I looked straight up. I didn't see more than 143 FPS. The second image was the same set up, lowing the render distance as low as possible (2 chunks) and didn't see a difference in FPS in-game. Odd thing was my FPS increased when I tabbed out and went back to max of 143 when I came back.
  3. I have my drivers updated. In my screenshot above it'll show RAM and GPU so I assume my GPU is being used. I don't know how to switch it if it's not. I also find it weird I'm not even getting over 100 FPS anymore at my base anymore.. and it's not even that big. No redstone or anything.
  4. Anyone else have any input by chance?
  5. I might, just really want to fix whatever the issue here is.
  6. Not a horrible idea, I restart my computer at least once a day though.
  7. I installed optifine but not really noticing anything. Average FPS seems to be the same. g.
  8. I don't use optifine at the moment, but yeah I should download it. Figured even without that, I should be getting higher FPS though. I have java updated (even installed today's update). Here's two images: two images.
  9. I checked this website, again I don't what performance I should be truly getting - one of the reasons I'm posting this but I feel like it should be a lot higher. I'm getting similar FPS with Witcher 3 and ARK on maxed graphics. https://www.gpucheck.com/game-gpu/minecraft/nvidia-geforce-rtx-2080-ti/intel-core-i9-9900k-3-60ghz/
  10. I've gotten better FPS at times with my old computer that costed 3k dollars less. Idk if it's 600 FPS, but that seems to be beside the point.
  11. Hello. I feel like I should get getting a lot higher FPS, but perhaps others can inform me. My average FPS in Minecraft has been around 120. From my research I should be getting like 600 on average. I play vanilla, SinglePlayer, java. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. I recently brought the computer back in December. PC Specs: Motherboard - ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero CPU - Intel Core i9-9900K 8-Core 3.6 GHz CPU COOLING - NZXT Kraken X62 GPU - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti - ASUS ROG STRIX RAM - G.SKILL TridentZ RGB 8GB (x4) POWER SUPPLY - Seasonic Focus GX 1000W Gold D