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  1. I would have assumed this new PSU isnt enough wattage but i tested it out in gaming when the PSU is most power hungry so.. I will keep my eye on it.. ehh.. my specs are Mobo: Asrock B365M-pro4 ram: 8x2 DDR4 2666 ripjaws Cpu: i5-9600K gpu: RTX 2060 Super gigabyte OC edition Psu: cooler master 500 MWE. (EVGA 550W Supernova G3 is on the way)
  2. Thank you guys for your help! really appreciate it !
  3. shop also has Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W 80 Plus (PS-SPR-0700NHSAWE-1), if this is better, i will get this one
  4. I need this PSU for some time, like 3 weeks or maybe one month. I want to buy EVGA supernova G2 80+ gold. i had that on my old PC and it lasted like 8 years and now my brother is using it with no issues
  5. e.g Cooler Master MWE 600 WHITE V2 ?
  6. Hello guys! So yesterday my PC randomly shut down and didnt turn on. I wasnt playing games or anything.. when i pressed power on button, lights came on and suddenly turn off again (1-2 second). it had no reaction since then. But when i unplug it from wall outlet, it powered on for 1 second and then quickly died again. So i think its PSU and not motherboard.. right? I want to buy a good quality PSU, but local market doesn't have (Cons of living in 3rd world country), so i have to buy it from amazon or newegg, which takes like 2 weeks to deliver. I work from home and i really need my PC today. S
  7. Thank you for all the information you provided. I will dig into them^^ really helpful, thank you
  8. They did confuse me with the naming. So Nvidia recently added this support right? Because i checked some threads where people say that it's not compatible. I was thinking about 1440p, but i couldn't find one with the G-sync in my price range. Since, now i know that its compatible with freesync, i will dig up some more. If you have any brand suggestions, i would really give it a try
  9. If anyone wonders, my specs: i5 9600K RTX 2060 Super 16 GB 2666mhz Ram samsung SSD and WD HDD
  10. Hello LinusTech community! ^^ It's been a while... I'm soon moving to my new house and finally i will have a normal desk space for my PC to play on monitor. Im currently using PC on my 4K LG TV. First things first, I'm a graphics wh*e :( i prefer quality over high refresh rate. I mostly play single player games and for online just WoW and Cod: Warzone. Im not a pro player so i dont need those 144hz. I was thinking about buying 1080P IPS monitor with 144hz G-sync compatible. In this category Im stuck between 24 inch or 27 inch? Because, bigger the screen, less pixel dens
  11. HI guys, i have a problem with my PC. i was having an issues with my HDD, so i turned off my PC, unplugged it and plugged HDD from my brothers PC. after that PC couldnt detect my mouse, keyboard and my monitor as well. i swapped back my HDD.. Same. i tried all of the ports. i tried CMOS reset as well. nothing. what can be an issue here? i plugged my keyboard and mouse to my brothers PC and it works fine there. i did same trick with my GPU and it doesnt work on my brothers PC. im rly confused Specs: Mobo: Asus H97 Pro Gamer Ram: Ballisticks 2x4GB (1333mhz) CPU: i5 46