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  1. Ok so I have an xfx rx 570 which does include dual bios with a mining and gaming switch. Should I try switching it? I’d think it put it in mobbing mode but maybe then I’ll get an output
  2. Is there an easy way to tell? I have a gigabyte a320m.
  3. I wanted to increase my mining hash rate so I followed the tutorial linked here: Upon loading/ flashing the bios plus installing the blockchain drivers and restarting there was no display output from the gpu. I tried installing the gpu in an older desktop from around 2006 but it couldn’t recognize. I also tried putting the older gt graphics card in my current desktop but still no output (it’s worth noting that this gt graphics card worked when I first built my machine.
  4. Whenever I try to update or download Xbox applications such as game bar or the Xbox app, I get the error Code: 0x80070005. I'm pretty sure that this error means that windows can't access the files it needs to. I also recently messed with a few registry files so maybe that has something to do with it?
  5. In the Xbox app I tried I couldn't install anything so I tried reinstalling the Xbox app. This fix didn't do anything and so I tried deleting the gaming services data in registry editor and then reinstalling it in the Microsoft store but the store wouldn't work to let me. this led to to reset the Microsoft store in settings which just made it so I couldn't open the store. I tried troubleshooting it with the built in app which didn't work and I ultimately just ended up trying to reinstall it with PowerShell commands but that didn't work so I tried uninstalling it with PowerShell commands but ke
  6. Hey I took a dell fx 2800m out of my laptop and was wondering if it was possible to use it on desktop. It doesn't appear to have a standard pci interface but I was wondering if there is a way.
  7. I have a 4k tv I want to use for gaming but it's kinda far away for any usb peripherals to reach. I have a long enough hdmi cable and a windows laptop network sharing to my main pc through ethernet. Would there be any way to have a usb device plugged into my laptop connect to my main pc through the lan network created by network sharing?
  8. So I am planning to build a new pc to play minecraft with shaders and other graphic intensive tasks to upgrade from my "ok" 2013 Hp laptop with 8gb ddr3 ram and a intel i7-4600u. I'm planning on getting a rtx 2060 (super), a "decent" motherboard, a 250 gb ssd, two non detailed 8gb ddr4/3 sticks and a case and harddrive I have laying around. Now I don't know what to get as a cpu as I'm not plainning on doing much rendering or other cpu intensive task and because of how much I'm going to be spending on the graphics card, I don't want to spend more than I have to on the cpu. Any ideas or comments
  9. Sorry for the confusion I don't know why I thought the laptop memory would work in a pc motherboard as the slots are different I am fairly new to pc building though so thats my bad I do know quite a bit though about building one and have some family and friend who are experts at building a pc.
  10. So I have recently been thinking of upgrading from my older in 2013 or so hp laptop that's pretty decent with a i7-4600u and intel 4400 mobile integrated graphics wich is "ok" for playing vanila and older modded minecraft. It ussualy runs at about 30-45b fps with optimisation on Java and it's a bit more finicy on Bedrock with on a good day 60 and sometimes 30 or below and this is still with optimization. Now this is fine for now but eventually as the game gets more graphic intensive it won't hold up and in most newer games it won't run at all or at the most at 20-25 fps (max.). So I actually h