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  1. Motherboard Asrock AMD AM4 A320M-HDV R4.0 can I connect 2 gpus like rtx 3060 and 2060 or 2060 and 1060?
  2. Hello! Recommend me motherboard for amd fx 8350 and gtx 1060 3gb some cheap one cause imma use it for bitcoin mining only ty ;D
  3. Can this motherbaord Gigabyte AM3+ GA-78LMT Can I install at this motherboard amd fx 8350 and gtx 1060 3gb?
  4. yea recommendation yea recommendation
  5. thats unlucky but ty Can anyone give me motherboard for gtx 1060 3gb amd fx 8350?
  6. Is there any motherboard I can fit gtx 1060 3gb amd fx 8350 and 8gb ram ddr4 if there is pls give me motherboard name dont give expensive ones because I will use it for bitcoin mining.
  7. I got 2060 gpu and I don't know what is this can someone explain is it hdmi or???
  8. Hello! I used this ram for 4 months it was 12gb ram always and my pc glitched I shutted it down then next morning I turned it on and boom 3.93gb usable. Each ram stick is working perfeclty fine I tested them but its just 3.93gb usable. I tried with msconfig I put maximum ram but it keeps going back to 0 whenever I restart my pc. Can someone help? also my motherboard is ASROCK A320M-HDV R4.0
  9. I will try when it start rattling it stopped now
  10. Nothing of that everything was good for 6 months and then before 1 week just started rattling