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  1. Lol its just the wireless though so I don't think its the sensor
  2. While I use my Razer Viper Ultimate wirelessly, it likes to stutter and just stop working randomly. This makes it kind of unusable especially in games.
  3. It did the exact same thing with my old drive
  4. Sorry meant to say its only there with the HDD in.
  5. My OS is installed on one of my SSD's
  6. So after I installed my brand new HHD my mouse started to skip every once in a while.
  7. So basically when I try downloading game to my HHD that I just installed today, the download speeds are around 10-40 and drops to 0 very often. On both of my SSD's I get around 85-115 without any problems. Is there a setting I need to change or is that just how HHD's are?
  8. Went from 5ghz, 866 mb/s to 2.5ghz, 144mb/s so pretty big difference.
  9. How can I check if it is? There's a thick yellow cable coming from the wall that connects to it and there's a yellow cable that connects to the modem so it might be connected to the modem.
  10. I think the closest one to me is right under my room. Is a WEB6000Q a router? It's says Wireless Network Adapter when I search it up so I assume it is.
  11. I'll try moving it closer and see if that makes any difference.
  12. Oh sorry I thought you were talking about my PC lol. Yes I'm pretty sure I am using 5ghz though. I can try moving my router closer to my room.