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  1. thank's for answering! i'm using HWMonitor, and all the temps there are really good. the highest temp is 35-40 any other thing you'd suggest?
  2. Hi I'm currently having a problem on my PC. I build it more than 1 month ago, and it's the 1st time i'm having this. So from time to time, randomly, my PC starts beeping. a continuous beep, whatever i'm doing (gaming, watching movies...). I can't figure out from where it's coming. I have a Ryzen 3 3200g, my mb is an Asus Prime B450m-k, 2x4go ram, ssd m.2 adata XPG + 2x 2.5 hdds 500go I read it could be a CPU Fan error, but i don't know, it's spinning good and my temps are good (36 to 40 celcius, not gaming) So can you help ? Thank's
  3. Hi everyone, So, I'm preparing myself to build my first computer. I'm excited and lost at the same time. I'd love to have some help concerning the fans in the case. In the kind of motherboards i wanna buy (b450, still don't have an exact model, but I'm gonna go a little el cheapo on this build...) there's mostly 1 fan header, and 1 rgb header. I wanna have some great airflow so I thought 3 intake fans in the front and 1 exhaust in the back would be great, but idk exactly how to connect all of them. For the RGB, the case I wanna buy (Masterbox TD500) comes with a RGB splitte