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  1. By prewritten code I meant like browsing github or other repositories for source code that you could use and modify. I often find that seeing something finished and then picking apart to create what you want is often a very good way to learn and understand a language.
  2. I would use prewritten source code and just modify it if I were you. But if you have your heart set on doing it yourself w3schools have some great php tutorials on how to make accounts etc...
  3. A normal system update. But I have managed to finally get back into windows. I had enabled an A-XMP profile yesterday and windows has disabled it again so I am wondering if that was the problem.
  4. So yesterday I was just using my pc as normal. When I went to shut it down it had an update, so I clicked update and shutdown. However, when it restarted I got the windows recovery page with error: 0xc0000221. I pressed F1 a bunch of times but every time it restarted it came to the same recovery screen. This morning it did the same thing. I tried the Windows media creator repair tool, but that did not work. I did get it to do something eventually however its stuck in the bios load screen and not telling me if its doing anything. Help? I should also mention that there is no keyboard
  5. Try doing a power drain: - turn of the psu then hold the pc power switch for 20s - this will discharge all of the capacitors still holding power inside the psu. ive found that you cant really reset a pc without doing this first.
  6. the pi 4 specifically has become a very popular method for server hosting for three main reasons. 1:they added 2x usb 3 ports onto it, which means you can get read/write speeds of approx 115mb/s (if you were to use a usb hard drive). 2:with there now being an option for 4gb of ram the raspberry pi can now be used to handle much more strenuous tasks than it ever could before. 3:ubuntu has just brought out a version of Ubuntu and Ubuntu server especially for the raspberry pi (which means that if you install either of these Os's you can still interface with the pis gpio pins)
  7. Thanks. I'll try replacing the fan as it is a constant noise. But it's definitely not the psu because that's at the other end of the case.
  8. So I have a dell inspiron 3268 which I recently repurposed as a server. However when I shut it down today I could hear a very quiet ticking noise coming from what sounded like the front fan. This noise only stops when the power is turned off at the wall. If pc is off but power is still going in then the noise continues. Does anyone know what this means?