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  1. how long does it usually take?
  2. and sorry im asking alot ive just never shipped something or sent something back before
  3. ok and how does rma work i can send it to them and they send me a replacement or do they fix it?
  4. so if i buy it off him i can rma if theres an issue right?
  5. so im buying a 3080 off this guy and im just wondering if anything goes wrong with the card am i able to talk to msi about it and get a replacement?
  6. I bought a rtx 3070 and i just want to know more or less how long the card will last until i have to buy a new card because this one wont be enough anymore?
  7. i might be able to im not sure, but if i can get in what do i do?
  8. it doesnt even boot into windows at all and it doesnt give any error message
  9. so i bought an nzxt water cooler and when i installed it onto my pc my pc boots for like 1 minute and then it shuts off and it doesnt stay on at all what can be the problem.
  10. I have an rtx 3070 msi ventus 2x and i have a 34 inch ultra wide its an msi optix mag341cq and sometimes out of nowhere my display turns off by its self how do i fix this?
  11. The temps didn’t really for over 66 Celsius
  12. So I’m buying a used rtx 3080 suprim edition but I want to make sure it doesn’t have any problems. He ran a furmark stress test on it for 30 minutes and it seemed perfectly fine, if there was to be a problem will it show up in fur mark stuff like artifacting?