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  1. I guess I got to rma the gpu because the integrated graphics are disabled and there's no apparent way to enable them
  2. Not the screen or cable. I tried it with 2 screens that work on other pcs.
  3. My friend got a hp prebuilt a year or two ago and every couple of minutes this screen just pops up 5 seconds at a time. The gpu is a rx 520 2 gig. I have a strong feeling that it is the gpu and not the display since the computer has been acting like this on many displays. I have also ddu the amd drivers and reinstalled them. Any suggestions on what to do next?
  4. The cpu might me soldered to the motherboard so you would have to check if it is.
  5. I really wouldn't recommend this way if you want your laptop to still be an laptop.
  6. I have a 500gb external ssd. How would I go about installing Manjaro on half of the storage and using the other half to store files in windows?