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  1. i think around 400 euro that is way above my budget - How did you only answer 1 of the questions I asked? Need the others too. location: Europe games: battlefield v , apex , and maybe call of duty modern warfare resolution 1080p
  2. done i think games like battlefield 5 world of tanks Apex rainbow siege six
  3. I still have to get a new PSU so I will pay attention to that I'm not sure if it's true but I've heard that amd's drivers sometimes don't do as well or were they in the past and i have 8 gb of ram is this still enough do ?
  4. if i take the rx 5700xt i also have to upgrade my psu is 600 watt enough or should i take 650 ( i wil nog overclock something )
  5. i think around between 300-400 euro's
  6. i think around 400 euro that is way above my budget
  7. no it isn't a prebuilt so i have al the room to upgrade my stuff
  8. hi i have to make a difficult decision i would like to upgrade my gpu and my cpu i currently have cpu: i5 7400 GPU: GTX 1050 Ti 4GB PSU : 550 wat 2,5 tb storage 1080p 120 hz I only use my computer for gaming and not for processing things. what will i do first my GPu or CPU