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    Anything dealing with computers!
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    Formerly Hz Eurythmic
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    i5 9600KF
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    Gigabyte Z390 UD (LGA 1151)
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    Team T-Force Delta RGB 16GB 3000Mhz (2 x 8GB)
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    ASUS ROG Strix RX580 OC 8GB
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    Rosewill Prism S Lite Black
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    Team MP33 256GB M.2-2280 NVME (SSD)
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    Seasonic GM-550 80+ Gold 550 Watt
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    Primary AOC C24G1 165Hz 24" | Secondary Acer SBQ... 75Hz
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    Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L RGB 66.7 CFM AIO Liquid Cooler
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    Motospeed CK62
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    Glorious Model D Matte White
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    Windows 10 Home
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  1. Well what is your budget for a new gpu? I wouldn't normally recommend purchasing a gpu right now due to scarcity and very high prices as a result. Though it's necessary since you need a temporary gpu so a budget will help.
  2. do you absolutely need to use the vga adapter? if not try it without that. but it should work if it has been all this time, just curious
  3. I built a new kick-ass PC; i9 10900, 3080, 64gb, 3tb PCIE ssd, 10tb HDD, 4tb HDD, corsair h100i aio ("upgrading" to custom water loop soon. parts on the way)
  4. do yo have multiple monitors connected? if you do and one is off or something, then the display you are trying to use will not show anything, it will be showing on the other display which may be off
  5. delete those drivers then check for windows updates then install whatever drivers it has available
  6. yes. it's a solid somewhat lowend gpu
  7. GPUs are VERY scarce at this moment in time. An rx 580s are like $250 USD right now. What I would recommend is the 1050Ti or even a 1650 if you can find one for a low enough price.
  8. For that CPU and GPU combo, yes the 380 watt power supply will suffice.
  9. Your front panel connectors may be mis-plugged (if that's a word). Make sure those are in the right slots, though this would be the case if you've never been able to turn off your PC ever since you turned it on
  10. Makes plenty of sense. I was thinking the same thing
  11. I want to sell my RX580 and it is the Strix version from Asus. I know that they go for a lot now since they're kind of "rare" for a lack of better terms, and I want to sell this to invest in a new card. How much do you guys think I can list it for to pull this off?
  12. Yes, it will still work. The dual CPU ports are for power hungry CPUs like i9s or maybe even intensely overclocked i7s.
  13. Wait, is the $700 budget for the upgrade(s) or the whole PC build itself?