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  1. i think it’s the mobo cuz i used all the other parts and they worked fine power goes to all the parts but nothing on screen not even bios or pre bios
  2. hello. i have a msi h87-g43 military class four. every time i turn it on i have a black screen. everything works and all parts were tested individually. Every time i plug a cable like hdmi or dvi into the motherboard it slows down the fans. But when i plug it into the gpu it still is full speed fans. Anything?
  3. well i bent the pins back now it powers on but i have a black screen what now?
  4. damn ok thanks so much
  5. any way to fix this besides taking the time to bend them back?
  6. by cpu tray i mean the metal bracket that locks the cpu down to the board
  7. it’s an msi h87-g43 and i’m not working on it while on i just left the tray open and it turns on but with a closed tray it doesn’t boot
  8. Hello. Every time i close the cpu tray on my motherboard it completely shuts off power to the whole system including the supply. The psu is good and cpu. it boots up when the tray is open and when that screw at the bottom of the tray isn’t there it boots up. Please help