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  1. Yeah even the AKG Q701s aren't available here. I was eyeing the Hifiman HE400i, and just after a day they shot up in price from 160 dollars to 230 dollars for some reason. So I guess I'll just wait for those to come down in price and buy those instead. Thanks for your help!
  2. I see. Sadly the 880s where I live are over my budget. Thanks for the help!
  3. I do not like the plasticky build of the K371s. Thoughts on the DT 990s?
  4. Yeah I won't be able to test any headphones out by myself considering I live in India and the situation here is very, very bad right now. Also the Grados are not available for purchase here. What about the DT 990s?
  5. I see. Well thank you for your help! I appreciate it.
  6. I'll be buying the 80ohm version so the coiled cable wouldn't be a worry for me. Many people say that the highs are piercing. What is your opinion on that? Thanks!
  7. Hello. I've been wanting to get into the audiophile world for quite some time now and currently have the Cowin E7 Pro for my daily. I love how these sound but they can get muddy in the bass and sometimes even distort in the low end. I've been looking at the DT 770 Pros and there are a lot of mixed feelings about them for casual listening. Some absolutely love it and some hate it. I will be using a Topping NX1S portable dac/amp to pair with the headphones I buy. Are these a good choice or should I be looking for a different set of headphones? If yes, any suggestions