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  1. Something I pointed out on the tech support thread was that despite the fact that Linus paid for "On site service", when he ended up with an "unfixable" problem (LOL) he was still told to ship in back. So...IMO this video couldn't have turned out any worse because it shows even if you pay for "peace of mind", you're not going to get anything that you paid for I mean, take out the on-site service for a second, they were double charged for "Premium support" and "Premium support with on-site service". To me that means they offer a just "premium support" option, which I'm having
  2. Shout out to the 3-4 people in the previous video who were defending dell in this obvious scam doing some absolutely insane mental gymnastics to justify how Linus' PC ended up $300 more than what you could buy it on the website for without the warranty. ("Oh it must be on sale now when it wasn't when Linus bought") Hopefully Dell paid you for that shilling.
  3. Anyone who didn't expect this when things got competitive (again) with AMD doesn't know the corporate culture of intel. I'm sure they're already on the horn with Michael Dell to see what his price is this time to be their "friend". I'm only half joking about the second part.
  4. Keep it running. Need to check for memory errors. Let it run for the full hour OCCT allows (assuming you're on the free version) I would then double check by downloading Ryzen Ram calculator which has HCI memtest built in. Select memtest, and I'd let it run to 1000% coverage on all threads.
  5. No problem. The fact that you only have 21 rather than hundreds after 10 minutes of testing tells me we're on the threshold of stability. Should just be a bump in voltage away.
  6. Your Infinity Fabric is unstable. Try 1.125 SOC voltage and if that doesn't work 1.15 We can work on your RAM timings once your stable. Getting a stable baseline is paramount in RAM tuning You're going to hit 100% of something in the power envelope, especially w/ PBO enabled unless you're undervolting so hard it can't.
  7. Yeah I'd keep it (the ram frequency of 3800) there. The bandwidth increase from the jump to 4100+ won't be enough to offset the latency hit from decoupling IF/RAM. The first step now is to back down those VDDG voltages to .04 under your SOC and do a memory test like OCCT, Karhu or HCI Memtest. The Ryzen RAM calculator contains a modified version of HCI memtest that allows it to run multiple instances simultaneously to test large ram configurations. I think 1usmus also made a couple tweaks to make it even more intensive than the original version. I'd perso
  8. Did you set those VDDG voltages manually? Those shouldn't be higher than your SOC voltage -0.04 I can also see the CPU boosting to 4.6GHz in the 2nd photo. Did you run a memory stability test to make sure everything is stable?
  9. Only thing I can think of off the top of my head is a software bug (like a driver issue) that doesn't interface with hardware reporting correctly. I know a lot of the hardware monitors had reduced functionality when Zen 3 launched until they got patched.
  10. Yup could very well be it if the chipset driver was that old.
  11. Why do you think your ram is running at 2133? I know a lot of people who look at a hardware monitor for the first time and see 2133 somewhere in it and think that's their ram speed when it's just listing the base speed of 2133, not their speed.
  12. Do you have the latest chipset drivers installed?
  13. Yeah I have to say I found those videos + hardware unboxed much more informative than this hastily thrown together video that has a lot of bad takes IMO. Its really a "Jack of all trades, master of none" type video. They want to be the first to cover all the cards so badly they end up covering none of them well. I felt the same way with the Ryzen 5000 launch where they crammed all the CPUs into one video and ended up not really giving much useable advice for people looking at a specific CPU. This graph is so much more usable and well presented (Hardware unboxed) and I