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  1. In short, yes 500gb is more than enough for a boot. I know people who boot on a 240gb with no problems. I would choose speed over size. I use a 500gb SSD for a boot drive and then have x2 1TB HDD for game library and other files. All depends on if you want to store your game library on your boot drive or if you don't mind having a slower SSD or even a HDD for your game library.
  2. I would honestly get 550w incase you want to upgrade a couple components. 450w should be fine but I personally like to get a little larger of a PSU than I need for both future proofing and PSUs have a range where they run the most efficiently which usually is around 50%-75% usage.
  3. I use Arctic MX-4 and have had nothing bad to say about it.
  4. future proofing for the next gen cpus that just were announced
  5. They are compatible but I would get a beefier mobo for a 3600x. Just my opinion
  6. I’d go for the 3600 as the things you plan to do with your pc are cpu intensive and the 3600 is a more powerful cpu
  7. Don't waste your time on garbage dongles. Same thing goes with wireless mice and their dongles, you don't want to get a cheap one because most likely you will notice issues with it.
  8. Yeah I wouldn't pull the trigger on a 1080ti until I feel I got a decent deal. To many other cards out on the market for me to pay average or above average price for one.
  9. Both aios are built strong and reliably. Honestly I would choose between which one aesthetically looks better. I would honestly go with the nzxt one for the LCD screen on the pump and then replace the fans with some RGB ones (if your into RGB).