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  1. I just meant 125 for the CPU. I am going to build a new rig that is dedicated to Plex, and keep my I7 and 1060 for gaming. so I'm just curious what a good ryzen CPU is.
  2. I don't want to do hardware transcoding because i'm trying to find the cheapest solution, so buying a CPU and GPU would be kinda unnecessary, I just want a CPU that can handle 4 transcoding streams. My budget is $130. Case like ATX case? Why would the case matter?
  3. I7 4790k but hardware transcoding with a GTX 1060. It's overkill for a Plex server.
  4. Hey! I want to separate my gaming rig from my plex server. I'm tired of waiting until people are done watching shows before I can restart my gaming PC. At most i'd have 4 streams transcoding 1080p, and according to Plex documentation that would require an 8,000 passmark score. I don't want to do hardware transcoding because I want to build a cheaper rig. Does anyone recommend an AMD Ryzen CPU that would get a 10,000 passmark rating but isn't expensive? Do we have any idea what the passmark rating is for these brand new CPU's that just dropped in the past couple of week
  5. Thanks dude. I should've don't more research to look for a diagram of my mobo. I will investigate further what an EPU is and if it's meant to bend backwards.
  6. I was playing frisbee with my motherboard earlier and I grabbed it a certain way that made one of the components bend a little. It went back into place on its own, but it still moves a little if I put pressure on it and it makes a quiet crackling sound. There is a similar component on the western side of the CPU, but that doesn't seem to move at all, so I'm worried. If you can't see the attached picture the compnent looks like a heatsink of some sort to the north and west of my CPU, just beyond the IR2 labelled squares on my Asus Z-97a motherboard. I'm wondering.... What is this compon