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  1. I'll try to plug everything out and a second time in tomorrow. Actually I am not quiet sure how to check the PSU but its nearly new. Thank you for your ideas and support but I will now continue to solve the problem while sleeping.
  2. I use 2 16GB 2133Mhz. ECC unbuffered EUDIMMS from Crucial. They are in the Mainboard ds compatibility list too.
  3. Realy good call, but I allready tried without GPU and it was still the same weired problem.
  4. Hey there, I build myself a little NAS Server with the X570D4U Mainboard from ASRockRack After I hooked all ( CPU cooler, ATX Power, CPU Power, etc. ) correctly up to the board and pressed the power key it turned up the fans and did a restart. I connected the VGA to the dedicated VGA Port from the Mobo which is powered by the BCM IPMI Chip but there is no output. For testing I also put in a Zotac Geforce GT10 for video output but still no video. After that I connected the dedicated IPMI Port to the Network. Finnaly in the IPMI there were no CPU or
  5. Hey there, at the moment, I'm building a DIY NAS to store all my files. I've choosen the ASRockRack X570D4U as Mobo because of its "server/workstation" like features. But now I have a problem connecting the ATX PSU cord to the mobo. The problem is, by design the mobo's ATX port is on the top but the ATX cord of the PSU is about 5cm to short. Should I buy a new PSU ( with modular cables and maybe better efficiency ) or buy a extenssion cord for my PSU ? I think a extenssion cord would be difficult to cabble manage. ( Most ones I've found online were
  6. Hi there, unfortunately some thermal paste got on a few pins of my AM4 CPU. I've tried to clean it with spiritus ( alcohol ), but i couldnt remove all off it. The tip of the pins and upper part are free from paste. But at the little dots, where the pins are soldered to the CPU is covered by a small layer of thermal compound. The final question is, could the small layer of compound demage the CPU ? Thank You !
  7. An "only power button" module would be great but with usb port its ok too.
  8. Hey Does anybody know a power button module which fits in a 5.25" drive bay ? Thank You!
  9. Hey there, At the moment I build myself a small NAS ( with TrueNAS as OS ). For Mainboard I wanna go with the ASRockRack X570D4U and a Noctua NH-D1. I really wanna have a case with hot swap bays, for easy drive replacement. One of the most convincing cases i found was the CS380 from Silverstone. Does anyone out there have some suggestions for a smallish NAS / Server case ? Or is there a possibility to build hot swap bays in a kinda standart case ? Thanks !
  10. Hey there, I'am currently building a small DIY NAS for all my files. For Mainboard I wanna use a X570D4U from ASRockRack because its ECC support and IPMI features. At the beginning of the project I bought myself a Noctua NH-D15 SE-AM4, cause I have had very good experience with it on my previous PC build. After I watched some Reviews of the Mobo and looked a little bit deeper into the pics, I saw that the RAM Slots and the CPU Fan mounting brackets are, due to better cooling in server cases turned by 90° on this board. But if I would install my CPU Fan like so
  11. Hi there, Is it possible to connect a server in the cloud through a VPN onto my Nextcloud instance on my local server ?( Instead of exposing a port on my router ) Hope somebody have an idea Thank You !
  12. Actually it isn't only a NAS. I'am using Proxmox, to convert it into a Type 1 hypervisor. So I will use ZFS and in the ZFS documentation its recommended to use ECC RAM.
  13. But if the memory would be corrupted, the data on the backups would be corrupted too. Right?