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  1. I see, I do have a surge protector with 8 outlets which would help immensely with the cable management problem and make so I dont have to wrap up my wires,but do you know if having all that tech plugged into that would overload the outlet.(A 450w PC, and 3 monitors would be getting plugged into it.)
  2. Not sure if this is where this question belongs. But for my pc and monitor, I have really long power cords that are hard to cable manage with how close the outlets are to my desk. My only solution was to wrap it up(like the image seen below) and then plug them in whilst wrapped up.Im just wondering if this could pose any damage to the cord or interferences with transfer of electricity.
  3. its busted off, and now it fits in just fine.
  4. Well if it was the retention tab, I'm a bit afraid it might fall out of the slot now.
  5. thats not the problem, because of the little tail thing at the end, it will not go in
  6. I tried getting the card in a thousand times without pushing it.
  7. I pushed it up(with not much force), and it just broke off...
  8. Yes,but it doesnt pull back like the retention tabs im used to seeing(Pic below)
  9. and what is its purpose, it doesnt pull back like the retention tabs im used to
  10. At the end of the PCIE slot, there's a lock mechanism that isnt what im used to seeing,I've tried pulling it back and that does not work. (I'm used to seeing the one in the pic below)
  11. So I was looking to upgrade an old prebuilt until I realized that the pcie is being blocked by a weird mechanism, I'm not sure if this is just a very old mechanism to keep the GPU in place, or if it is just something that is used to notify the people at dell so the warranty can be removed. The motherboard is shown below in a picture
  12. So, I installed a new graphics card into my pc and when I went, and plugged everything in, then my pc did not seem to POST. I looked on my motherboard and a green LED labeled "Boot" was stationary. I immediately restarted the pc, and the next boot, it worked without issues. I have both an SSD and HDD, I'm not sure if both are taken into consideration when the BOOT led light is on, but I'm afraid since my SSD is my primary drive, that the boot led only takes into consideration my SSD when trying to boot. This means that I think my ssd may be dying, which has me quite worried because as of now I
  13. Its one of those wifi adapters that are connected via cables (see image below) I've tried to convince my wife to let me do that... so many times. Problem is that the wire would have to either go in front of a doorway and become a tripping hazard, or I could route it under the carpet and my wife would kill me if I did that. Could I maybe use one of these as an alternative to get 5ghz internet?
  14. Well the thing is, the router is literally inside of my room. I don't understand why it would be performing lackluster with the router inside of my room
  15. So, I love playing video games with my son, who has a pimped out $1300 rig, but I am receiving lackluster wifi speeds when I play with him. My system has been upgraded from a little prebuilt system that wasn't meant for gaming. While it runs games fine in terms of fps, the internet is very lacking. This prebuilt of mine only has a 2.4ghz realtek wifi adpater, which I assume is not that good anymore. I average around 60ms-80ms in games like rocket league and other games,and not to mention I can get ping spikes up to 160ms in game. I have seen my son play games and seems as if he has around 48ms