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  1. Hey all I remember seeing Linus advertise this a while ago but I didn't need it, now that I need it I can't remember it. I'm looking for the name of the app or website that stores your credit card number and gives you a different number for each site and allows you to set limits and what not. What's this site / app called?
  2. Another side thought. Does ssd cache size matter much? I assume bigger is better so it will have to re cache less often? I'm way out of my area of expertise, all advice is welcome.
  3. Iv seen this has been asked before but the answer didn't suite my situation. So I want to put 5 2tb Seagate barracuda in raid 0 for games with a 500gb nvme Samsung Evo 970 as ssd cache. My question is does windows need to be installed on the raid 0 hdds? Or can I simply boot off of a second ssd for windows and have my raid 0 plus nvme cache as my D drive? Side thought does raid 0 scale linearly? Ie 5 drives are 5x faster? Or does it drop off quickly like sli?