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  1. Anything above the mk4 gen has the hold down open on the fob to open windows feature. Being 2005 I think it is based on the mk5 golf so should have it.
  2. While my dad's Skoda was being repaired, he also got a brand new RAV4 rental, and my god is it ugly. Looks like angry eyebrows and shard corners had a child.
  3. Since my dad's Octavia is broken again, he got a Rapid with the newish 1,0 3cyl turbo as replacement while it's being fixed. I don't know how it manages to feel so dinky, but the engine is pretty fun for putting around.
  4. In Finland mopeds ride as close to the curb, but motorbikes must try to ride in the very center of the lane.
  5. Here if you go to a website where people and selling used cars and sort by mileage in descending order, you're almost exclusively going to get Volvos and older Mercedes Benzes with a couple VWs mixed in. So volvo is at least capable of making cars that easily go half a million. Though I'm not sure if there is a certain year where quality decreases or if certain engines suck.
  6. It's the thick of winter, all my car is doing rn is rusting from all the salt. And I'm slaving away at work now that the semester is over. So I just lurk extra hard.
  7. Sweet stuff. I'm still missing I believe 3 Priest records to have the complete studio album collection. Maybe I'' reduce that number this Christmas...
  8. Here the police would probably have a stroke if you tried to mail them anything, let alone pay with cheque or cash. Which is tbh sometimes an inconvenience.
  9. How quaint. Can't you do a bank transfer, or do you actually have to mail it?
  10. I've always thought this was just one of those stereotypes about the US. I guess not in the snowless south then. I kind of forgot that I had to get my car inspected and ended up doing in on the last day, 30min before closing time of the local inspection garage. Oops.
  11. While I do agree with this, I kind of want to move to the city I study in. Since uni is rather irregular, and car ownership is expensive. Especially for a student with low income. But while I was still working, living in a town surrounding the big cities I find to be much nicer.
  12. Say, if I replace the busted rear spring in my car, would it be wise to replace the other one too?
  13. I know rally cars used to have a low top speed, but damn that's pretty slow. Must have some really insane gear ratios.
  14. I wonder if it's the angle, but that bumper doesn't look very nice to me.