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  1. the cx will be the best choice for some time until new monitors come out which may have better responce times but they cant be compared to the hdr of an oled
  2. yeah i will make a new one as soon as i get the newest version
  3. I just installed an old version of windows on an old pc [ i3 3220, 4gb 1333mhz ddr 2 ] because I don't have any new installation devices i made one very long ago and now i have the problem of windows update So my question is whether windows updates are stacked or do i have to download the latest feature update only.
  4. not that kind of wierd lines but the kind that appears on display defect the only problem is that the tv works fine in other modes and the lines you are talking about are because of the overlapping of the image to create the 3d effect which is then removed when wearing the 3d glasses which polarize the light coming from the tv
  5. no it is a visual problem which kind of looks like a lcd/led problem but it happens only when watching 3d
  6. Hello My tv is a sony kdl43w800c and whenever i use the tv in 3d mode there a re vertical lines that appear on the display but it works totally fine in normal mode
  7. You should get them from MDComputers they are a great site in terms of computer hardware
  8. Okay So I Reinstalled Windows10 on my laptop after a complete wipe and have installed the drivers from the manufacturer's website. Now no application is showing up in the volume mixer of win10 even though i have chrome and minecrft running in the background realtek driver
  9. well i would prefer the viewsonic xg270qg elite as it is 1440p 144hz and ips so an overall good quality monitor
  10. so i watched some teardown videos opened the laptop and tested the hard drive in another system and it doesn't show up, not even in the disk management window so my dad decided to give that back to the company since he works on another system which was from his last company btw thanks for the help
  11. I restarted and now its asking for boot media which is only the hard drive and it is not showing up
  12. Hey so while i was working on my dad's laptop i accidentally dropped it on the side and now its stuck on the startup screen and no sign of windows loading appears . laptop: Lenovo ideapad 100-15IBY pls help me
  13. sites are not delivering because of the covid19 outbreak
  14. Hey so i wanted to know if i buy a horizon zero dawn complete edition disc (we still have data caps) would the frozen wilds dlc available through a key or as a part of installation. Me and my brother have diff. Accounts and we both want to play the dlc. Also i dont care about the outfits