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  1. Funny
    vformula00 got a reaction from Deli in RTX 3090 leaks that seem reasonable   
    That guy would be me though I am aiming at the much more reasonable 3080 and I don't even have a 4K monitor or a CPU that can go pass 3.5GHz.
  2. Like
    vformula00 got a reaction from Fire12618781 in Tesla k80 24 GB graphics card   
    Probably have to download Quadro Experience, instead of GeForce Experience.
  3. Like
    vformula00 reacted to WereCatf in Are Noctua Industrial Fans at Low RPM Not Too Loud?   
    I have a couple. They are loud as fuck, regardless of the RPM.
  4. Agree
    vformula00 got a reaction from jonnyGURU in AVR or UPS   
    The uneducated on the subject me would say probably a good PSU wouldn't need an AVR. Also to add, the additional price for an AVR is probably better serve to buy a better quality PSU.