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  1. When I look at the available ampage of a PSU for how many hard drives the unit can power, do I just look under 3.3V ?
  2. Try DDU first. If that doesn't work, try to reinstall the games.
  3. I am interested to know how does the RTX 3080 perform in madVR or other similar video quality enhancing programs?
  4. If you are not going to use the Quadro 4000 GPU power, it would best to remove it. I think the case of using both cards at the same time would be in deep learning or doing folding workload. BTW, how is your 4000 temperature? I am getting 77°C @ 45% Fan. That is after reapplying thermal paste. That thing is hot and loud.
  5. Yes. instead of those make them anime water bottle mousepads.
  6. I would recommend against going the non-professional cards for professional STEM usage.
  7. A 3080TI will only marginally increase in CUDA cores at best as Nvidia wouldn't want it to overtake the 3090. As far as going for the top dog, why not wait until Oct 28 for AMD Big Navi announcement before pulling the trigger. Recent rumors say AMD will give Nvidia a run for money for the majority of games but not in all scenarios.
  8. I am looking to buy those 4-Bay and 5-Bay Hotswap hard drive cages. To those who have either 4/5-Bay version with a 8-cm fan at the back, what is your ambient room temperature and what is your hard drive in-use temperature? Please reveal what hard drives you are using them inside the cages. Thank you
  9. That guy would be me though I am aiming at the much more reasonable 3080 and I don't even have a 4K monitor or a CPU that can go pass 3.5GHz.
  10. I have the same black mouse and my Trypophobia don't react with it. It is fine.
  11. Probably have to download Quadro Experience, instead of GeForce Experience.
  12. Thanks for the response everyone. I might give 2000 RPM a try, but probably going to skip the 3K version.
  13. I am currently looking at the Noctua 12cm Industrial 3000RPM fan. I understand the fan is extremely loud at full RPM, but what happens at low RPM? If the fan is turn down to it's lowest allowable RPM, how does it compare to a regular Noctua 12cm fan?
  14. Good suggestion. I will give this a try. I am currently making another scrubbing attempt running at 26%. If this fails again, then I will add the tmp extension to my config file and report back. Update: The second run ran fine and completed without the need to add the exclude tmp. Don't know about why the error happened at the first run. I have enough free space in the HDDs to accommodate many files.