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  1. Thanks for the reply, standoffs and bracket is correct, i even checked the length of those and they are matching every info I can find on AM4 standoffs. Not sure how to check if IHS and colplate are too concave, they seem to be completely flat when i looked at both of them, and that AiO is working perfectly fine with my old i5 4690k.
  2. Radiator was not changed even a bit when I changed motherboard and cpu, so radiator is not the one to blame Funny story (not so funny at the moment it happened but... still) Apart from the fact that my CPU got stuck on stock radiator (with stock thermalpaste) and when I removed it, it got pulled out from the closed socket and few pins were bent and one broke completely, but after soldering and straighting I did, CPU works fine. I have an updates here guys, but still not solved , I once again checked AiO with new ryzen, still the same issue, so I just simply presse
  3. @Whiro Thanks, but it will be hard to check, even after shaking it and remounting I have no certainty that this bubble is out now or not, when do I stop shaking? It might be hard to verify, I am waiting for the thermal paste now and will check everything I learned from that post and get back with results!
  4. Hi, Both tubes are straight, thanks, I will check the temperature on the tube when I receive another thermal paste, but that same AiO was working correctly one hour earlier with another CPU, what changed is Mobo, CPU, thermal paste, AiO bracket for AM4, AiO AM4 screws, and pump cable that goes to CPU PUMP connector (didnt have that one on previous mobo, it was connected to CPU connector then) and fan cable is connected to CPU FAN. That's all.
  5. Well, you might have the point here, I put a bean in the middle, after taking it off, it was flat and spreaded, but not everywhere, there was a lack of thermal paste in the corners, so I applied a bit more in those spots but there was no difference in temperatures.
  6. Haha, I removed it 2 years ago when I started using it with i5 like I mentioned in the first post
  7. It's the first version. Bought it when there was no V2 Can it be problems with screws? or bracket? I got the paste on the AiO after I disconnected it later, but I am not sure if it was tightly pressed to CPU or not, but as I said I got AM4 screws in the package which I used.
  8. Yes, Can feel and hear the pump working, it is Arctic Liquid Freezer 240.
  9. Hi, Yes, like I mentioned in the post pump is working, radiators too, also tried reapplying the paste, but only once because that was all I've got then, nothing changed.
  10. Hi, After changing motherboard and CPU I decided that my AiO cooling that I already own will be much better than stock cooler from AMD, when I set everything up ( with right amount of thermal paste ) It went to Windows, I quickly checked CPU temps on CPUID HWMonitor and it was over 90 degrees Celsius and growing (on IDLE), after few seconds it got passed 110 and my computer turned off, so I lowered stock voltage a bit because it is in my opinion too high out of the box, but still got high temperatures, after some time I gave up and checked stock cooler, suprisingly it was all ok, id