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  1. Hi guys! would appreciate if you can provide your own personal "general guidelines" if ever your opting to buy used laptops. Here's mine: 1. Able to meet-up with the seller and check the laptop itself (Check that the laptop turns on, check the BIOS and OS and such). 2. Able to open the internals and check the hardware (check the state of the RAM, CPU, GPU and other hardware; check if they need cleaning and/or replacement of thermal paste/pads, and checking if its even possible to replace those) 3. Replace the drive with a new one (once bought; replace it with a new drive)
  2. A 700USD is quite good for a decent gaming rig. LTT has released quite a few budget guides this 2020. You should check that out, https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=budget+gaming+linus+2020 Linus also just streamed last week; a gaming rig less than 800USD
  3. Just ignore that. PriTunel uses the OpenVPN backend, that's may be the reason why your windows warns you outright. I've personally tried PriTunl and the SmartScreen warning appeared to me as well If you prefer, you can use the actual OpenVPN it should still work, use the OpenVPN V3. It's still in Beta but is way more convenient to setup. (I've personally switched from PriTunel's native client to OpenVPN, I find it more detailed and actually has a bandwidth report on the client side. It allows me to save the username/password(PIN) as well, making logins more convenient. https://openvpn.
  4. Oh yeah, you might want to check if your motherboard actually supports your intended CPU. Ryzen series typically have the same slot, but it doesnt mean that it's forward compatible
  5. edit: in terms of heirarchy i'd go with CPU first then RAM. but if possible upgrade both. RAM should be "fine" for now.
  6. Did you match your monitor refresh rate, with the actual refresh rate being pumped by your GPU? Go to display settings > Advanced Display Settings > (Select your Monitor/Display) Go to "Monitor Tab" and set appropriately Once done, check your monitor settings as well if its actually set to the appropriate refresh rate. If that doesnt work, try enabling VSYNC on the Minecraft settings
  7. For people still using this, i wouldn't recommend enabling SSH and even the HTTPS management on your Public IP. If you want to manage your VPN server, then access it via VPN or access the VM console itself. It's very insecure and not recommended to enable management protocols on public. Alternatively, you can set your firewall to allow only specific public IPs (like the public IP you are behind at home, you can get this via ipchicken.com). Note that even this is not recommended, since there are home internet connections that share the same public IP.
  8. Download it here on the official site: https://www.wagnardsoft.com/content/display-driver-uninstaller-ddu-v18023-released
  9. Not entirely sure, the last time i used it was way back 2016 (there was no watermark btw). I've been using VMWare Workstation Pro since then after that
  10. There's also VMWare Workstation Player, it's like a light version of the Pro version, and is FREE. BUT you are limited to running one VM only. Download here: https://www.vmware.com/asean/products/workstation-player/workstation-player-evaluation.html PS: Dont worry about it saying it's evaluation, that's for non commercial use. Personal use is free. Again you can only run ONE VM
  11. Based on the conversation, i guess you want to run a VM on top of your Windows OS. Hence you need to run a Type 2 Hypervisor (That's a hypervisor you can run on top of your OS). You want the best one? Then use VMWare Workstation Pro. That's based on my experience, you need to shell-out cash though. If you are looking for a free solution, then go for VirtualBox as what the good people here are recommending. Though certain OS can be a hassle, but it's free.
  12. Specs+brand+model of your setup would be nice. Rotating your pictures wouldn't hurt as well
  13. Nice. But before publishing it publicly, make sure it works locally on your network 1st