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  1. Hello everyone, I seem to be having an odd issue. I have tried a little troubleshooting and maybe I am overlooking something. Problem started Tuesday morning first thing. Worked just fine Monday night. My XP8 mobile phone does not want to connect to my wireless gateway. My computer connects and has not issues. Solid connect for the desktop. The phone connects to the mobile internet just fine. It will not connect to the home wi-fi for some odd reason. I have Xfinity for an ISP and my neighbor works for Comcast and they have an open wi-fi. I am able to connect to the neighbors open ho
  2. I think it might be an X-Fi filter.
  3. Yeah that would give a much better speed test.
  4. Sorry I wasn't clear in that. I have a wireless gateway for Wi-Fi to the PC. I am not running a MoCA network.
  5. Hello everyone a number of months ago I decided to no longer subscribe to cable television. So I gave up on paying for two cable boxes and had went to streaming. I also upgraded the internet speed and a tech came to the house and brought an updated wireless gateway. He had installed a plastic box on the outside of the house. I assume it was a cable TV filter of some sorts. Does that filter in anyway slow down my internet speed in anyway or does it just filter out television signals? This is Xfinity cable internet. I am thinking about another upgrade in speed soon. Not sure when the XB7
  6. Isn't an internet shill someone who posts fake reviews and or lies to promote products?
  7. Put an antenna in the attic and skip paying for installation.
  8. A connection for headphones and a connection for a microphone are separate.
  9. I have seen fake items being sold on ebay. You pay for nothing more than an empty shell.
  10. Perhaps when in safe mode with networking it is loading a base driver provided by Microsoft. If you are able to use another PC and download drivers onto a USB drive.
  11. https://www.crucial.com/ssd/mx500/ct1000mx500ssd4 <<<< Decent price good performance.
  12. I was able to find an Intel ax200 for $11.25 USD just for the chip. I would personally buy a name brand adapter. The reason being is that if you buy a generic adapter you'll end up buying the name branded adapter down the road.
  13. Just recently I had received some updates through Windows update according to my series of Intel CPU. This may or may not have been the issue. Check with both Intel corp and Windows.