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    Samuel751 reacted to sub68 in Emachines Mechanical Keyboard Limitations?   
    sounds like a keyboard problem because I remeber using a ps2 keyboard for r6 vegas and using both w and d alot
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    Samuel751 reacted to Drealar in Audio Issues with hp 8300 sff   
    Is your HP the one with 3rd Gen Intel CPU?
    Does it show all connected device in the audio options like below?

    Above (Windows 10, Ryzen 3000 series Lenovo SFF): Speakers & Headphones share the same channel '3'. In newer devices with correct audio driver, you can switch between them even if they share the same channel. I guess this is what you're expecting, right?
    This sound like the behavior of a simple switch, so it could be due to hardware limitation.
    If this is the case, then it is the same issue with my older 2010 PC, which I resorted to some workarounds:
    1. Used a cheap audio jack extension cable so that it'll be nearer and easier to plug-n-unplug between speakers & heaphones...😝 lol
    2. Then I bought a better speaker system with a headphone jack in the main satellite unit.
    3. Later I saved up and managed to buy my first monitor with HDMI input & audio jack(5 years old BenQ in above picture), so headphones plugged to front panel headphone jack and speaker system plugged to monitor's audio jack. This way I was finally able to switch between them using software like above picture.
    I hope you can find a solution that works for you.
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    Samuel751 reacted to Dr0y in CPU UPGRADE   
    no idea about it ... should test it to see if it works.  When I checked the x6 was close to 50$ cad and the b95 was about 15$ cad so I did not want to risk buying a 50$ cpu that might not work on my motherboard.  If the x6 had been also 15$ I would have tried it. 
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    Samuel751 reacted to Dr0y in CPU UPGRADE   
    I was afraid that the hp being a business computer it might restrict cpu support to business ones only.  I checked the compatibility list on hp and the b95 was the most powerful it would be compatible with but when I checked the chipset compatibility list the phenom2 x6 was in there so I went the safe way and got the b95.  It's a good cpu and does what I want really well.  Paired with an ssd the system is quite fast for web browsing and youtube stuff. 
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    Samuel751 reacted to Faiyaz777 in CPU UPGRADE   
    Also make sure ur psu can handle it. If u got it for $5 chances are the psu might not work at all or can’t support an upgrade. 
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    Samuel751 reacted to Dr0y in CPU UPGRADE   
    I have a similar ssf hp that came with an athlon 2 x2 b24 cpu ... I swapped it for a phenom 2 x4 b95 and it work really good for the 15 $ I spent.  I was afraid of compatibility issue with the phenom 2 x6 that's why I went with the b95 instead. 
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    Samuel751 reacted to Faiyaz777 in CPU UPGRADE   
    Yup if the max limit on the mobo is 95w it should be perfectly fine with a 95w cpu. Basically you shouldn’t have problems unless you exceed the limit by a significant amount although on some motherboards u can actually exceed the rates tdp limit by 15W pretty. You might want to consider a better motherboard too if you can afford it. You can get an am4 motherboard for very cheap even if you buy it new and even less(<$30) if you opt for something used. If you indeed do so I will recommend that you change your CPU choice to a Ryzen 5 1600 AF which is almost 4x faster then the phantom which you could probably get for $<60 used and $85 brand new(comes with a cooler too). 
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    Samuel751 reacted to Faiyaz777 in CPU UPGRADE   
    How much ram does it have? I'm assuming it does not come with dedicated graphics. And how much are you looking to spend?