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  1. I forgot to specify. The Asrock AB350 Pro4 Full ATX.
  2. The pins all looked fine. And I've tried using dvi and hdmi on the graphics cards. I used dvi on the motherboard io to no luck. I even went to vga from the r5 220. Thanks
  3. Hello everybody. Today I picked up a Ryzen 3 1200 for $40 on offerup. Not gonna lie, it was sketchy. I finally was able to boot my new to me pc made of used and passed down parts for the 1st time. But no Dispay... Everything seems to start up fine. Fans spin and case lights are on. I reseated ram, and tried 3 different gpus with no luck; Radeon R5 220, Asus GTX 460, and MSI Gaming X 1050ti. It only shuts off when I hold the power button. Did I get scammed $40?
  4. Hello everyone! I came across this Dell Precision T1500 at a garage sale and my Nerdy self took advantage of the deal. The sticker said it has an i7 but I couldn’t get the heat sink off because of the shallow Phillips head screws which did not want to turn with any sized screwdriver. I gave up not wanting to strip it. It included the pc without a side panel, a keyboard/mouse, and a GTX 460 1GDDR5 all for $40. I was told it didn’t post and the owner couldn’t get to the bios. I took it home and discovered that it started up great with all the fans working, but no display. It used DVI which I tri
  5. Hello! Did you make your decision yet? I personally think that the 1050ti to a 1650 would not be a worthwhile upgrade unless you get them for a steal. I have the Gigabyte 1650 low pro D5 in my HP Elite 8300 sff. One of the fans make a terrible loud buzzing sound/rattling on occasion when I start up, but fans running max on high quality games doesn't have that issue, which has me stumped. A few amazon reviews say the same thing, but not a lot of info on this is out there. I wouldn't buy the Gigabyte again, but heard sometimes people have similar issues with the MSI. I've heard nothing on the As
  6. Thanks, that sounds like good idea also! I’ll wait for Black Friday to make a decision.
  7. Hello everyone! I have a build that I have scrabbled together for months now and am waiting on a processor. I’ve got an asrock B-350 motherboard which I’ve thinking about installing a Ryzen 7 3800xt. Since the launch of the new processors, Ryzen 7 3000’s are going down in price and I could probably get a 3800xt for a good price. Why a 3800xt? Because it sounds cool and it has been a bit of a dream of mines for a while! I have never built a fully custom PC before and don’t know if this is a terrible idea. I’ve saved up some $300 USD. I believe my board is not fully updated to 3000’s series whic
  8. Thanks for the insight. I guess that's where this keyboards limits are and I need a better one. I see you have an hp 8300 in your tags. How is that like?
  9. Hello! A few weeks ago, I picked up an Emachines ps/2 mechanical keyboard from a thriftstore. I had no idea if it was going to work or not, but it was only $2. I had previously watched the Techquickie Ps/2 video on some advantages which pushed me to try it out. Plus it matched my sleeper Emachines monitor. So what I've discovered with this keyboard is that it's called an Emachines Model Number KB-9908, it has hot keys for internet mail, and search which works flawlessly with the windows apps. I can pull up the mail program, google chrome, and search bar at the bottom of windows taskbar or if i
  10. Hello! I picked up an ASRock AB350 Pro 4 motherboard from a friend and heard from him that the motherboard can only support up to 2nd gen Ryzens. I have decided that I wanted to expand my computer building skills and knowledge from my recent HP Elite 8300 sff gaming build. Upon doing some research, I read that B350 motherboards will support the 3rd Gen Ryzens. I’d hate to buy a nice new cpu only to have it not work out. I’m still a bit new to computers and am clueless about Ryzen and AM4 CPUs and chipsets. I have some experience with the am3 socket however. Can my motherboard support all Ryzen
  11. Yes, I do have an AMD graphics card with an hdmi out but the monitor only has vga and dvi inputs. I guess that explains that. My pc says according to online the latest drivers are installed.
  12. This image shows the devices with 3 devices and only two are detected.
  13. Thanks for the reply! I have an i7 3770. That image you shared is exactly what I want. Mine only shows a non working AMD audio device which I believe is my monitor, and one realtek speaker option even when I have my headphones, surround speakers, and onboard case speakers. And as said before, the sound will only go to the device plug in last, or if none, then the case speaker. I upgraded from an older hp compaq sff 6005 and had no issues with it detecting and switching through all of my devices. Only reason of upgrade was the incapable AMD Athlon II X2 B28. Nice for only browsing the web and