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  1. I hope you guys are all having a good Wednesday afternoon. My question is if you guys think I should buy a note 20 ultra or should I wait for the s21 ultra. From the leaks that I have been seeing the s21 ultra is going to be replacing the note lineup, but it doesn't seem like it will add a whole lot compared to the note 20 ultra. I really like the spen and people are saying you will need a special case to hold the spen with the s21, and I also like the design of the note phones more than the s series phones. So I am wondering if these things make it worth it to get the note, or if the s21 will
  2. Hello everyone! I was wondering if I could have any advice on buying a graphics card rn. I have an r5 3400g rn as my cpu and I am wondering what the most powerful gpu I could pare with it is before reaching diminishing returns? My second question is with that in mind, should I even get one rn or wait? Thank you for taking time to read this!
  3. I was looking into upgrading to a gtx 1660 super for Star Wars squadrons and to help apex run closer to 144 FPS at 1080 to 1440, and I finally chose one and was going to purchase it and then the next day the new ampere cards were announced. Should I wait and upgrade in a while and wait for 2000 series cards to lower in price on the second hand market or a successor to the 1660 super to come out, or spring for a 1660 super now?
  4. I have not messed with the pbo, and for a stress test I have cinebench r20 looped on the multithreaded test.
  5. AMD Master wasn't reporting it just for a second though, it stays all the way up for the entire stress test. At least that is what amd masters is saying. I think that I would trust aida64 because it is reporting normal voltages, but I just need a second opinion because I know that I should stay around 1.3 for the cpu and no higher than 1.2 for soc voltage.
  6. Hello! I have just built my first pc (r5 3400g and it's igpu for now) and I was working on overclocking but I realized that it is running at 1.45 at stock under load. I don't need to be gamers nexus to realize that that is very bad. I got that information from ryzen master, but when I went to the bios to set a voltage offset I could hardly get anything to fly. This then made me think that maybe it isn't running at 1.45v under load. I checked in aida64 and it averaged around 1.26v to 1.32v under load. So then that begs the question of who to trust? Does anyone have any ideas of why, and what so
  7. I just got my new ryzen 3400g system up and running and I have been overclocking my igpu and cpu. I was able to get almost 45% more fps out of this little apu, I have the cpu running at 4.2ghz, but the cool part is that I was able to overclocked the igpu to 1.7ghz which is over its 1.4ghz. The cpu doesn't run at the full 4.2ghz all the time, but the igpu is floored at 1.7ghz all the time. Is this ok for my igpu in the long run to be constantly running at 1.7ghz or will it just wear him out faster. Thank you!
  8. did you end up crossing any of the traces?
  9. I probobly shouldn't worry about it to much because it doesn't look too deep, I think they are just the traces for the k/m ports, and it would really suck if i did kill it but it is an 70 dollar matx b450 board, so it could be worse. I am sure it will be fine though, Thank you all!
  10. I am junior in highschool so I have been stuck in my house since march, and because of the shortage of pc parts rn they have been slowly coming in. I know that I am comitting a cardinal sin against the pcmr by not testing it to make sure It can post, but I have more than enough time on my hands to take it apart if need be, and this project has been the only thing keeping me sane through all of this. In short, I know I shouldn't, but I really want to start working on it and I have plenty of time on my hands if I need to take it apart and start again.
  11. I was just installing my gpu and I accidentally scratched 2 traces on my mobo. I haven’t installed the cpu yet so I haven’t powered it up. Does it look like I killed them or will it be fine?
  12. For me, with 120mm fans It really isnt even very loud and I likely would have them close to if not full rpm all the time anyways, so molex is no prolem for me. When I end up replacing my motherboard in quite a few years time I will just run the fans off of the mobo headers, but for rn it doesnt bother me.
  13. Eventualy I will end up replacing my fans with 4 pin ones and I will get somthing like this from NZXT https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1561442-REG/nzxt_ac_2rgbc_b1_nzxt_rgb_fan.html/?ap=y&smp=y&msclkid=a5d0d256f04b12f53b798d5fac9487ab. That way I can have all of my case fans running off of one 4 pin fan header and have all of them all use the same fan curve.
  14. Earlier I was working on my first pc build ever, and I was plugging in the 2 included case fans with my NZXT H510 when I realized that I only have one case fan header on my mobo. I ended up just running them both of of molex because they are 3 pin fans anyways, so I would not have speed control anyways and I didn't care to much about monitoring them. This made me wonder what most people do for there case fans. Do you guys still use molex/sata, 3 pin, or 4 pin with variable speed fan curves. For me, I don't care to much about not having fan control over the case fan, because they are are really
  15. The graphics chipset I currently have is a FirePro M5950, not a 5950. Typo, My bad
  16. Hi, I have an hp elitebook 8760W with an i7 2720qm, a firepro 5950, and 16 gigs of ddr3. I got it for free from a friend, and I was wondering what would be the best bang for the buck gpu that would still be worth it after horrendous bandwidth bottleneck of expresscard 2.0. I wanted to at least be able to run some light esports games with decent FPS.