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  1. h I like how you have your Rig all specked out like that. Is there a special form where I could do that. I've got loads of parts on the way, It'll be another month or so before all my part's come in It's gonna be an epic bang for the buck build with an embarrassing amount RGBling and unsual parts
  2. I know right. The case is a Logisys 386RB the PSU was P.O.S. too, it said 480W on the label and right below it said 335W in small print. here's a pic of it. It's a shame, I think looks Ok, nothing to right home about. I just don't like to see useful things thrown away. This pic has been floating around the internet for over a decade and I still can't tell if it's real or not. I think we found Ebe. I'm a believer. I seen a ufo myself on Dec,4th 2020. You'll be hearing a lot about them in the mainstream media this Summer. Disclosure is finally happening. But your never know who reall
  3. Sorry about the Stupid BIG pics. Didn't realize the actual resolution on these. They look so small on my phone. Duh!
  4. You know that case I was having trouble with? The one my stand offs didn't fit? Well I got the new standoffs yesterday evening, so I thought I'd start my build today. I'm in no rush, I got the standoffs in. They fit it's going ok, till I put my X99 in the case just to test it out, see everything's lining up right...WRONG! With the standoffs in, the motherboard isn't lining up with I\O shield. It's off like a lot. At lest a centimeter, and it looks like the only way it will line up, is to screw the motherboard down flush to that inside panel...Say what? I've been watching LTT for years, and I'
  5. That guy I talked to said his cooler wouldn't fit, when I thought I would, wonder why he said that? Now I'm all F*ed up! Your sure 2011 and 2011v3 are compatible. Ok thanks. That's what I thought to start with. I'll go with that.
  6. I'm shopping for compatible heatsink for socket 2011v3, I messaged a guy selling one that had one that the description advertised fits socket 2011. I asked dose it fit socket 2011v3? He says NO! So I'm using the term 2011v3 in my searches. And the results are limited. I have specific requirements, the biggest one being price. So what words should I use in my search terms?
  7. In case anyone was wondering, I plan on putting an ASUS X99 DELUXE II Mother Board in it with an I7 5820 processor along with a GTX1060 SSC and a Blu-ray dvd player and bought a TV tuner with FM stereo module. I have a 2tb FireCuda HD and a 1tb NVME drive also. I've also got a 16Gb Optane module I'm not sure about this though, dose anyone think it worth it, to put that in the system? And here's a picture of my case.
  8. Here is the case I was speaking of. It is a "Black/red Logisys 368 Soho ATX Mid Tower Computer Case CS368RB 3 X 5.25in Bay Front Usb2.0 W/ 80mm Fan 480w Power Supply" it came with a crappy power supply. I bought a PowerSpec 650w 80plusBronze
  9. Yes I've ordered the 32-6 stand offs my kits standoffs were labeled as M3x6+6. Thank You all for your help! \
  10. The stand offs in my screw kit are listed as being M3 x 6+6 can someone tell me the specific right kind of stand off I need to get started.
  11. I have gtx9800 in my computer, but to it get in I had to take the shroud and fan off. The fan was mounted at the end blowing toward the back, I replaced it with an old 90mm case fan that I mounted directly on top of the gpu, blowing up. That left very little room between the bottom of the case and the fan intake. It's ugly and loud. I thinking of taking off the huge stock heatsink and replacing it with a little VGA cooler that looks like an aluminum daisy with a little fan in the middle and 8 little v-ram heatsinks. My question is will the VGA heatsink and the GTX mounting holes line up
  12.     Mr.Sebastian I an idea for a for a collaborative YouTube Stars short promoting Net-neutrality would you be open to discussing it with me, and hear my pitch?

  13. Well I'll buy a Better PSU. What is a good brand that's not too expensive?