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  1. Usually they post the top 25 within a week to 2 weeks, but I don't know what happens after that.
  2. Hey, I would like your opinion on this video, I really tried to make it original, and I also tried to add some funny stuff to make it less boring. Please tell me what you think. Also, my friends have already taken one of my faces from the video (you will know which one) and put it in our discord server as an emoji. Fun times.
  3. As a hobby, not a career. I actually want to work for the Disney company, not be a youtuber.
  4. I just started this thread if there were any people who would expect the same thing as me (People who aren't that tech savvy) to be disappointed and not take the route I did. I am currently saving up for a gaming pc and have learned my lesson as to not buy a mac again (they have a pretty long lifespan). Also I am extremely grateful for my parents contribution, and they understand my frustration.
  5. Ok, so Minecraft just released an RTX version in beta. Sooo basically the Minecraft shaders joke just got a lot more funnier. Now even decent PC's cant run Minecraft to an extent.
  6. So I had to get a mac for my school, and I thought I would be getting a refurbished old MacBook Air. My parents surprised me with a brand new one with upgraded storage. It ended up being $1,200 for the laptop. I was so excited because I had a 2010 MacBook Pro that ran Minecraft at 5 fps. This computer ran Minecraft at around 50 fps. Just Minecraft and Roblox runs well. Cities: Skylines runs at 10 fps, and Airport CEO at 20 fps. I also dream of being a content creator on YouTube. My games selection is also crap because mac has such a limited amount of supported games. I have a channel but I fin