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  1. It’s not an option since it’s a rare laptop and I couldn’t find any same laptop for parts. I suppose the problem is not related to the backlit of the display. Is cause by scratched light filters. I just want to replace those and I’m not going to touch anything with a sharp object. I just want to cut the 15.6” light filtering papers to fit my 15.5” display. Isn’t that at least theoretically possible? I just want to cut the edges of the papers and not anything more.
  2. Hello everyone. I hope you’re doing well. I have recently purchased a second hand Sony vaio laptop and it has a 15.5” full hd ips panel. It has two bright spots (bright areas that are more visible in brighter colors like white) in the middle of the screen that are really really annoying. The problem is that there aren’t any compatible 15.5” panels in any market with a reasonable price tag. There are so many 15.6” panels but they don’t fit my screen. My question is: Can I buy a 15.6” panel, open it up, cut the internal layers so they fit my laptop and then replace my laptop layers with
  3. God, you have a monstrous build and you want to go for a i5 8400? Don’t even think of it. You have to change your debugging strategy. You need to check each of the components on other builds that are working fine until you find the problem. If you didn’t find any then do this: update your bios reset bios settings by taking off the CMOS battery reinstall windows and drivers
  4. Not at all. I still don’t know what was the problem with the old mobo since the whine was coming out of cpu area and not soc or vrm. I had measured it precisely.
  5. Reinstall the cpu and it’s now working flawlessly it’s really weird
  6. Yeah, that’s the answer I was looking for Thanks
  7. Nothing works. Are you sure it’s not a bios problem??
  8. I have installed my own buzzer. It works when I completely remove the rams
  9. My memory is compatible, it’s listed in the g.skill’s site qvl
  10. I have bought an Asus prime X570-p this MOBO doesn’t beep and I receive no signal on display. What’s the problem?? All the fans spin, rgb LEDs are on
  11. All the parts except the MOBO have Been working fine last week. The MOBO is new
  12. Yes. I have tried removing the rams to see if it beeps and it does. But when installed, I simply have no signal
  13. If a MOBO boots, it beeps. It doesn’t beep. I have also tested my display with my laptop. It works fine