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    Golf, Photography, Coding, Computers, Data Science, Tennis.


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    Z370 Aorus Gaming 5CF
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    16 GB G.SKILL F4 DDR4 2800
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    RX 5700XT Saphire Pulse
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    1 tb Crucial M.2, 3 x 1 TB HDD
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    850W Corsair
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    BENQ GL2750
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    Stock CPU
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    Roccat KONE
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    Windows 10
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    2015 Mac Air, 2017 Mac Air

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  1. Measure it. I don't know what case that is, but cases usually also give a number for the max gpu length.
  2. Budget (including currency): 1500 Country: Germany Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming including streaming and recording. Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): 1440P 144Hz GPU: 2080 Super Ventus OC CPU: Ryzen 7 3700X Memory: Corsair Vengeance 3200 Mhz CL16 16 Gb Motherboard: B450 Tomahawk Max (Aware that it won't support gen 4) SSD: P1 Crucial NVME 1Tb SSD HDD: 2TB Seaga
  3. Yeah. There's a lot of video's as to why the 1080 Ti was a card ahead of its time in terms of performance. It's a great card if you can pick it up for anywhere near 400-500 Bucks, as the 5700Xt is pretty close to that in terms of processing power as well. You also get 11 Gb of VRam which is more than any other card at that price point.
  4. One thing. In case of future proofing your pc, I believe that the B450's will not be compatible with the 4th gen Ryzen cpu's. The 550's are coming out mid june, which will be compatible, or you could opt for a more expensive X570 Motherboard.
  5. You should be fine, however if this is a build you intend to continually upgrade, I would recommend at least a 550-600 Watt PSU, as it also has better power efficiency.
  6. That sounds just fine. I think that's what is recommended with the 3900X. I would consider just lessening the load on the cpu a little, and hopefully yielding lower temps. You could also look/alter your cpu fan curve because running the CPU that hot 24/7 might not be the best idea in terms of longevity
  7. I've heard good things about the Intel NUC Hades Canyon.... In terms of laptops Lenovo Legion Y545 is supposed to be pretty good I think....
  8. Budget? And what will you be gaming -> how much gpu power will you need?
  9. Refer to this thread for which models are best...
  10. Didn't NVIDIA just optimize driver's for a bunch of games that bumps the super about 5% ahead of the 5700XT on average?
  11. Only thing I can offer then is that I have the Saphire Pulse and works great for me. Packaging was extremely simplistic, cardboard box inside the outer hull. Temps are cool.
  12. I watched this video before buying my GPU. It's only 20 minutes long...