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  1. i used to have i3 3770k with z77. then i decided to switch to x79, much much better, it actually cost less because of the cheap used x79 xeon & cheap ddr3 ecc ram (like 1/2 price of consumer ddr3)
  2. i would say u keep the 3600xt, it is a much stronger CPU (more cache more cores). wew, if it a working 3600xt then u can hear windows sound after booting. Trick is leave a youtube video playing in browser & it will re open after u log in
  3. my ryzen 5 2400g bottleneck my gtx 1060 on battlefield v. 2400g only has 4 cores & 4mb of l3 cache :(. but the APU is good
  4. Why The Apple M1 Chip Is So Fast - A Developer Explains | Production Expert (pro-tools-expert.com) Apple's Humongous CPU Microarchitecture - Apple Announces The Apple Silicon M1: Ditching x86 - What to Expect, Based on A14 (anandtech.com) And yet we still stuck with DDR4 on desktop PC...