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  1. My old Dell square monitor does not register on my ASUS GL502vmk. I am using the mini display port with a Ugreen VGA to minidisplay port converter. The monitor works with my 2015 Macbook pro. What can I do to make the mini display port work with my ASUS laptop?
  2. Anybody, wanna help me write an android app that communicates with my rest api? My submission is in 3 days and I have much work piled up.
  3. Can any body write me a batch file to open 100 new chrome tabs on a windows system?
  4. Guys, my macbook won't install MacOs no matter what i do. I was thinking I should go with a bootable USB method. Where can I download MacOs using Windows?
  5. My laptop is overheating and yes, I have cleaned the heatsinks recently. I can't get hold of any thermal paste from the stores that are providing home delivery, hence I am trying to settle for alternative options.
  6. Unfortunately I cannot order from Ebay
  7. So this is the only website that is offering home delivery in my country. Can you guys please suggest me which laptop cooler I can get? I am gonna use it with my ASUS GL502 vmk I don't want to go above 1500 BDT, but I if it's worth the upgrade I am ready to spend. https://ryanscomputers.com/search?q=notebook+cooler
  8. So, I would like the results to automatically replace the values of pa, pb, pc and pd. Instead of manually replacing them every-time. How can I use a loop to run this program 20 times without changing the values of the variables in each iteration ?
  9. Thank you very much Franck. I was able to find the solution.
  10. Can anyone please explain me why I cannot access the Princeton website? When I click on show code on this website link: https://www.cs.princeton.edu/~chazelle/courses/BIB/pagerank.htm I get this error
  11. Yes, I am very new. It's school project. The backend uses Python and the frontend is being done via a mixture of bootstrap, HTML, CSS and JS.
  12. Thank you everyone. Is there any alternative to the isopropyl alcohol?
  13. Are you talking about the blue stick on top of the battery?
  14. What is that blue plastic tool? The guy in this video used it to remove the thermal paste. Can someone please suggest me an alternate option? Something more DIY, perhaps
  15. I see. I figured that I asked the wrong question. I just needed to find out how to make http requests. Thank you!
  16. I was wondering if anyone could help me understand how to make my website communicate with the database using Rest API
  17. Is there any way to know if I have a faulty CPU or a GPU?
  18. I tried, cleaning the laptop. But, yes, I will try to doing a re paste as soon as possible.
  19. My i7-7700hq scored a WHOPPING 204 on Cinebench. Guys, should I just throw the laptop, ASUS GL 502vm, away or what? The temps were from 87-91 degrees the whole time