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    Gaming, Game dev, Coding, Web Dev
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    i7-7700 HQ
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    16 GB 2400 MHz
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    GTX 1060 Mobile
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    ASUS GL 502vmk

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  1. My old Dell square monitor does not register on my ASUS GL502vmk. I am using the mini display port with a Ugreen VGA to minidisplay port converter. The monitor works with my 2015 Macbook pro. What can I do to make the mini display port work with my ASUS laptop?
  2. Anybody, wanna help me write an android app that communicates with my rest api? My submission is in 3 days and I have much work piled up.
  3. Can any body write me a batch file to open 100 new chrome tabs on a windows system?
  4. Guys, my macbook won't install MacOs no matter what i do. I was thinking I should go with a bootable USB method. Where can I download MacOs using Windows?
  5. My laptop is overheating and yes, I have cleaned the heatsinks recently. I can't get hold of any thermal paste from the stores that are providing home delivery, hence I am trying to settle for alternative options.
  6. Unfortunately I cannot order from Ebay
  7. So this is the only website that is offering home delivery in my country. Can you guys please suggest me which laptop cooler I can get? I am gonna use it with my ASUS GL502 vmk I don't want to go above 1500 BDT, but I if it's worth the upgrade I am ready to spend. https://ryanscomputers.com/search?q=notebook+cooler
  8. So, I would like the results to automatically replace the values of pa, pb, pc and pd. Instead of manually replacing them every-time. How can I use a loop to run this program 20 times without changing the values of the variables in each iteration ?
  9. Thank you very much Franck. I was able to find the solution.
  10. Can anyone please explain me why I cannot access the Princeton website? When I click on show code on this website link: https://www.cs.princeton.edu/~chazelle/courses/BIB/pagerank.htm I get this error