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    Gigabyte z490 aorus master
  • RAM
    2x8gb corsair vengeance rgb pro 3000mhz
  • GPU
    Evga rtx 2080 super ftw 3 ultra
  • Case
    Nzxt 710i
  • Storage
    Samsung 240gb sdd, wd 120gb ssd, 2x1tb HDD's
  • PSU
    Corsair hx750i platinum
  • Display(s)
    Acer predator 1440p 165hz g sync
  • Cooling
    Nzxt x73 360mm aio
  • Keyboard
    Logitech g915
  • Mouse
    Logitech g pro wireless
  • Sound
    Logitech g633, BOSE Companion
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 pro

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  1. Try reseating ram and gpu and reseat all power cables. I very much doubt you had the same problem as me. My issue was having a wireless phone charger under the pc, moved it and no more bsod's.
  2. I think I've found out what my problem is. I gave my PC a quick clean last week and I had accidently left my wireless phone charger tucked in underneath directly below my hdd's. I've moved and tested it and it seems to have fixed the problem. Also prior to this I ran prime 95 for 2 hours and had no errors or bsod so that ruled out the OC being unstable, did an optional windows intel driver update (didn't fix it), Tried to do a system restore back to a week ago but the restore failed and reinstalled gpu drivers using ddu. Ill know for sure over the next couple of days if it has wor
  3. So I’ve reseated the ram and made sure all cables were pushed in properly etc and it is still happening. I thought it had fixed it initially, It started over 15 times fine when it was “warm” but after leaving it 20 minutes and then booting it up it will bsod on the second or third try. I’m thinking possibly the cpu OC has become unstable but I’ve ran HW info for 2 days now whilst gaming etc and there is no errors whatsoever. I’m going to try going back to a restore point from a week ago before this started and see if that works.
  4. Yeah I think its ram too. I have XMP enabled so ill give it a try, thanks.
  5. No ram isn't overclocked over xmp. Yeah ill give that a try, thanks. I think its most likely a ram problem, the ram and psu came from my old PC which is a couple years older than everything else.
  6. Hi all, My gaming pc has just randomly started to BSOD on start up. It first started around 4/5 days ago. I didn't think much of it at the time. It happened again today on start up so I've decided to look into it further. I tried to get it to happen again by shutting down and starting up which I tried over 10 times and it would not BSOD. So I thought I would try shutting down, then powering off and on at the mains, then turning it on. This triggered the BSOD although after testing this further it can take 3/4 cold boots for it to happen. I built the PC back in may and it has ran f
  7. Okay thanks. Sorry about that I've just edited it to default.
  8. Ah okay thanks. Its my first nvme drive so just wanted to check.
  9. Hi, I recently installed my 970 Evo plus 1TB and noticed that the temperature is reading "too high" in Samsung magician software. The max that it has hit is 57C although it seems to sit between 52-55C whilst gaming. Air flow is pretty good with 3 front intake fans, 1 rear and 3 top exhaust fans. I'm using the motherboards heatsink and thermal pads. GPU is close to the m.2 although it doesn't go over 65C. Are these temps normal for this drive even though Samsung's software is reporting it as too high? HW info is showing "drive Temperature 57C"(Max) "drive Temperature 2 69C"(M
  10. I managed to find a fix for this issue. After a bit of searching it seems to be a common problem with z490 boards with Intel LAN. I updated the I225-v driver to and it has fixed the problem for me. Hope this helps someone.
  11. Have tried that and it hasn't worked unfortunately. I also reset the network again and tried a new Ethernet cable. still not working?
  12. Hi, I recently built a new high end PC and I'm having an issue when I restart, where I have no Ethernet connection. However when I shut down and turn it back on it works fine? I have also tested the WiFi connection and that seems to work fine after a restart. So it's just Ethernet that's having issues. I'm wondering If its the cable itself causing problems? I would much appreciate any suggestions before routing a new 20m lan cable. I have tried resetting network settings and un-checking the save power options in device manager for my Ethernet (no luck). Any advice/hel
  13. I have just built inside the Nzxt 710i Would Highly recommend! Lots of room, easy cable management and decent temps.
  14. Yeah I noticed when I had the battle.net launcher open it was using 20/30% gpu unless minimised. I think this could have been running in the background whilst playing causing the stuttering. Once I reinstalled I went to settings and it had changed to "when I launch game exit battle.net completely". Whereas before it was set to "when I launch a game keep the battle.net window open"